Walkthrough How to Draw a Sequence Diagram in Visio 2013 and 2016

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A sequence diagram visually represents the interaction or communication of objects in a system. This diagram helps the readers identify the requirements along with the functionalities and processes of a system. Here, each object in the system passes on messages in order of steps. Thus, the system developer will be able to learn about the external actors, orders, and the events to carry out.

Meanwhile, you do not have to be good at drawing to create this diagram. One of the commonly used programs to get this done is Microsoft Visio. Hence, there are a lot of queries about how to create a sequence diagram in Visio. To help you out, here is a tutorial for making diagrams in MS Visio. Additionally, a great Visio replacement is introduced that you can check below.

Diagrama Rêzeya Visio

Part 1. Great Visio Alternative to Create a Sequence Diagram

Microsoft Visio is an excellent diagram-making tool that offers many helpful functions to create diagrams and charts for your tasks. However, you cannot use it at some point because it is costly to buy when you can create diagrams using free programs. And to help you with this, MindOnMap is a great substitute for making a sequence diagram.

It is a browser-based program that enables you to make diagrams online. Moreover, this program is equipped with multiple design themes and templates that are available to use. Using its intuitive editor, creating a mind map is easier than ever. Integrating images, icons, shapes, context, and hyperlinks to nodes is possible. Indeed, MindOnMap is a good alternative. Here is how Visio online sequence diagram creator alternative works.

Belaş Daxistin

Daxistina Ewle

Belaş Daxistin

Daxistina Ewle


Access the program’s official site

Open the program’s website by typing its link on your browser’s address bar using any browser on your personal computer. Then, hit the Nexşeya Hişê Xwe Biafirînin button on the tool's main interface.

Bişkojka Nexşeya Hiş biafirîne

Select a layout for the sequence diagram

You will then arrive at the template page. Select a suitable layout for the sequence diagram you are trying to portray. You may also select a theme that is readily available to us

Layout hilbijêre

Start creating a sequence diagram

Bikirtînin Node button on the top menu of the interface. Keep adding nodes until you get your desired number of branches. Now, click on the Meriv button and add a label to every message. Double-click on the relation arrow and add text.

Add Nodes Relation Line

Customize your sequence diagram

Next, edit the diagram by changing the color of the nodes. You may also change the font style, size, and backdrop of the diagram.

Diagramê xweş bikin

Diagramê xweş bikin

Once your diagram is complete, hit the Export button at the top-right corner and select a file format. You may choose to save it as a document or image format. Meanwhile, if you choose to share it with your peers, you can do so by copying and sending them the project’s link. That is it. You have just created a Visio sequence diagram example.

Export Diagram

Part 2. How to Make a Sequence Diagram in MS Visio

Microsoft Visio allows you to work offline via desktop. Also, it comes with a web version allowing you to create a Visio diagram template or example. Aside from that, this program also comes with a shape manager that gives you access to various kinds of shapes and icons built for drawing different diagrams. You may use this program for business, product designs, and software engineering. What is more, you can streamline workflow and processes through the app integration feature. You can integrate other Microsoft products such as Excel and Word with it.

See the instructions below and learn the steps on how to make a sequence diagram in Visio.


Launch the Microsoft Visio

To start, get the app by going to its official website and downloading the installer. Next, open the package and install it on your computer. Right after, run the program.


Add the necessary elements

Depending on the system you are trying to portray, the elements may vary. This Microsoft Visio sequence diagram tutorial will show the basic symbols used in a sequence diagram. You can add a stick figure to represent the actor and the rectangle shapes to represent the objects in a system.

Elemanan zêde bikin

Add a lifeline and messages

Now, add a lifeline for the elements by dragging a vertical line beneath every element. To show the information being sent between objects, you can add an arrow and then give it a label to indicate what even took place.

Add Messages

Save the sequence diagram

Once you are done with your diagram, go to the File tab and select Save as. Then, set a file path where you wish to save the finished diagram. That is it! You have just made a Visio sequence diagram example yourself.

Save Sequence Diagram

Part 3. FAQs on Sequence Diagrams

What are the elements of a sequence diagram?

Most of the elements you can find in a sequence diagram include the actor, lifelines, and messages. Moreover, there are different messages in a sequence diagram like synchronous, asynchronous, delete, create, reply, etc.

here is the sequence diagram useful?

s we know, system design is complicated to understand. Hence, a sequence diagram is developed to make a system design easy to understand. Mainly, it is helpful for showing the logic between objects and how they interact with each other in sequential order.

What is the difference between a sequence diagram and a class diagram?

A sequence diagram visually illustrates the actions that take place in a system and gives you a dynamic view of the system. In contrast, a class diagram shows a set of classes and their relationships and gives you only a static view of the system.


A sequence diagram is an essential illustration for business professionals and developers to document processes or sequences of events in a system. Also, it helps them understand the requirements of a particular program or project. And one of the standard tools to create diagrams in Visio. Hence, we showed the tutorial on how you can create a Visio sequence diagram.
On the other hand, you may consider using MindOnMap if you are not comfortable creating diagrams in Visio. This program is straightforward and works as an excellent replacement for Visio and creates almost any diagrams and charts.

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