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MindOnMap is free online mind mapping software based on the human brain's thinking patterns. This mind map designer will make your mind mapping process easier, quicker, and more professional. When you have a lot of ideas about a subject, you can use this mind map maker to make an idea map clearly and visually. Also, this tool's real-time and infinite mind map design will not limit your mind mapping creativity.

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What You Can Use MindOnMap for - Applicable Scenarios

Relationship Map

Relationship Map

Sort out character relationship with this mind map tool. You may need this feature when reading One Hundred Years of Solitude or making a family tree.


Work/Life Plan

Plan your daily life out with MindOnMap. A well-organized planning keeps a balance between work and life.

Structure Business

Project Management

Use this mind map tool to follow up a program continuously. Review the process and summarize valuable experience to make progress.

PPT Outline

Speech/Article Outline

Make an outline before writing, making a speech or presentation. It helps you make the outcome more logical and organized.

Take Notes


Take real-time notes during class helps you review the knowledge effectively. Or take reading notes while reading a book to focus your mind.


Travel Guide

Plan out a family journey with MindOnMap. You can list the time, places, expenses, etc. clearly to find the best solution.

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