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Visualize Your Plan with Gantt Chart

When you work in a team, and there are a lot of tasks your team has to finish within the given time, you can make a plan and use the Gantt chart to visualize it. What is a Gantt chart? It is a bar chart used by people to do project management. As for MindOnMap Gantt Chart Maker, it is a tool that can help you create Gantt charts free online. This tool offers functions that enable you to set dates and duration of finishing each task, show what task every teammate should finish, and more.

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Build Connections Between Tasks with Arrows

When making Gantt charts, it is necessary to use arrows to connect tasks to show their relationships. And as a professional and powerful Gantt chart creator, MindOnMap Free Gantt Chart Maker Online provides you with almost all common-used lines and arrows. Hence, when you are making a Gantt chart to design a project and want to tell your team members the relationships between tasks to let them understand the Gantt chart well, MindOnMap may be your best choice.

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Connect Tasks With Lines
Different Colors

Different Colors and Fonts Make Gantt Chart Clear

To distinguish each task on your Gantt chart, you need to add different colors to these tasks. And MindOnMap Gantt Chart Maker can help you fill colors into shapes of your tasks in its Style function. Aside from common-used colors in our daily life, this tool also enables you to use hex color values to select a color. In addition, if you want to use different text fonts of task names to distinguish each task, you also can use MindOnMap Gantt Chart Maker.

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Why Choose MindOnMap Gantt Chart Maker

How to Make a Gantt Chart Online

Step 1. Sign in MindOnMap

To enter the Gantt chart-making page and start making, please click the Make Gantt Chart button to sign in with your email.

Step 2. Select the Flowchart Button

After that, please switch to the New tab and click the Flowchart button.

Step 3. Design Gantt Charts

On this page, you can click the Rectangle shape to add it to the canvas and change its size based on your needs. Then, you can build the basic Gantt chart by dragging more shapes and splitting shapes with lines. Later, you can input task names, dates, etc., into these shapes directly. To place colorized bars on the Gantt chart to show the duration of each task, you can click the Rounded Rectangle, change its size by dragging, colorize it by clicking Style > Fill and selecting the color and clicking Apply.

Step 4. Save and Share

MindOnMap can save your Gantt charts automatically, and you can click the Save button. You can click the Share button if you want others to check your Gantt charts.

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