All ER Diagram Components

All ER Diagram Components Are Offered

Because of the specialty and professionalism of the entity relationship diagram, there are many unique and exclusive arrows and shapes in the ER diagram. Hence, drawing ER diagrams when using some tools is a little troublesome. Fortunately, MindOnMap ER Diagram Creator provides all components of ER diagrams you need, including weak entity shape, associative entity shape, attribute shape, various arrows to represent zero or one, many, one or many, and more.

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Easily Create ER Diagrams from Database

Entity relationship diagrams are commonly used to clearly analyze and present existing databases and describe relationships among people, objects, or events. In this case, MindOnMap ER Diagram Tool enables you to drag entity relationship diagram symbols to the canvas and input data into these shapes easily. Furthermore, you can quickly adjust their sizes, colors, and alignments after inputting data or texts, which is very convenient.

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Customize Settings Before Exporting ER Diagrams

When using this online ER diagram maker, most of the time, you prefer to share your ER diagrams with others online. However, sometimes, you might want to export your entity relationship diagrams in JPG, PNG, SVG, and PDF because of network issues. The excellent point of MindOnMap is that it can help you customize the settings of ER diagrams before exporting, like changing the ratio to zoom, adjusting the size, selecting the background type, etc.

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Why Choose MindOnMap ER Diagram Tool

How to Draw ER Diagrams Online

Step 1. Register MindOnMap

In the beginning, you need to click the Draw ER Diagram button to register MindOnMap with your email.

Step 2. Click Flowchart

Then you need to go to the New tab and select the Flowchart function where you can draw ER diagrams without difficulty.

Step 3. Draw ER Diagrams

Drag the List shape from Advanced to draw the ER diagram and drop it into the canvas. After that, you can input the content into the shape. When you want to build connections between shapes, you can click the Line Start or Line End button to select ER diagram arrows based on the connection between data or people.

Step 4. Share or Export

After finishing your ER diagram, you can click Share to share it with your colleagues. Besides, you also can click the Export button to save your ER diagram to your device.

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