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Use Org Charts to Visualize Your Company Structure Clearly

What is an organizational chart? In short, an organization chart is a visual form to present your company structure on a page. Through this chart, you can see the position of each person intuitively. Hence, if you need to make an org chart to analyze your company's human resources, you can use MindOnMap Organizational Chart Maker, which is easy to use. And this tool offers a feature enabling you to add icons to the chart to highlight people’s positions. You can also change each node's shape to make your team organization chart more visual.

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Vary Appearances of Organizational Chart with Occasions

If you want to make your organizational charts look different based on various occasions, you must choose MindOnMap Org Chart Maker Online and have a try. When using this tool, you can select the background color and background pattern as you like. You can also change the color of lines and texts and the font style and size of texts. For example, if you need to make a presentation among your collages and managers using an org chart, you can create the chart in a more formal style. If you have no idea about the style of your org chart, MindOnMap provides various themes.

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Insert Images to Charts

Insert Your Images to Make Professional Org Charts

Making a professional organizational chart always needs people’s head portraits. And luckily, MindOnMap Org Chart Maker supports inserting images into your organization charts with ease. When inserting photos, you can pick the position you want to put images based on your needs. And after adding pictures to your org chart, you can resize these pictures as you like. Besides, in the Flowchart function of MindOnMap, there are various figures of occupations. Moreover, if necessary, you can insert the GIF into your charts in MindOnMap.

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Why Choose MindOnMap Organizational Chart Maker

How to Make an Organizational Chart Online

Step 1. Log in MindOnMap

To begin, please click the Create Org Chart button and sign in MindOnMap.

Step 2. Select Org-Chart Map

Then you can switch to the New tab and choose the Org-Chart Map (Down) button.

Step 3. Insert Images

Next, you can edit the content and insert images by clicking the Image icon.

Step 4. Export and Share

After making the org chart, you can click the Export button to save it to the local or click the Share button to share online.

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