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When you want to use UML diagrams to describe structures and objects of some systems and show how these objects behave, you might find out that there are many UML diagram types. In this case, you need a tool that can support making any UML diagrams without limitation. And MindOnMap is such a UML diagram creator, which can draw UML class diagrams, UML sequence diagrams, UML activity diagrams, UML use case diagrams, UML component diagrams, and more.

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Independent Section for UML Diagram Symbols

Are you troubled by finding suitable and correct UML diagram notations when making a UML diagram? Now you have MindOnMap to relieve your difficulties, a UML diagram maker that places all UML diagram symbols in an independent section at the left panel. You can find and use UML diagram notations conveniently, including class symbols, actor and object notations, callback symbols, etc. And you can add them to your diagrams by double-clicking or dragging and dropping, which is easy.

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Share or Export UML Diagrams for Collaboration

In most cases, you create UML diagrams for working. So, letting your colleagues view your UML diagrams handily is necessary. And MindOnMap enables you to share your UML diagrams with others with links. Moreover, you can set the duration for your diagram link and encrypt it to ensure that strangers will not view your data. Besides, you can export your UML diagrams from MindOnMap to JPEG, PNG, SVG, PDF, etc.

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Why Choose MindOnMap UML Diagram Tool

How to Create a UML Diagram

Step 1. Open UML Diagram Tool

To begin making a UML diagram, click the Create UML Diagram button and log in MindOnMap with your email.

Step 2. Select Flowchart

Please click the Flowchart button to quickly enter the function to make your UML diagram.

Step 3. Create UML Diagram

After entering the UML diagram-making canvas, please unfold the section of UML diagram symbols first. Then you can find the symbol you will use and double-click it to add. To enter texts and data, double-click on the canvas and select Text.

Step 4. Share with Colleagues

When you finish making your UML diagram, you can click the Share button to generate your diagram into a link and send it to others.

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