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One-click Beginning with Multiple Flowchart Themes

To make flowcharts online based on your needs, you only need to click the Create Flowchart button to begin. The operation is easy and fluent because MindOnMap Flowchart Maker Online has a simple interface and does not need you to download anything on your computer. Besides, this powerful flowchart creator also provides a wide variety of themes to pick, enabling your flowcharts to become more appealing and professional.

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Design Your Own Flowchart as You Like

A flowchart contains several symbols and lines usually. Hence, to offer a better user experience, MindOnMap Flowchart Maker Online supports customizing shapes, lines, and other content you used in the flowchart. For instance, you can change the color of each shape. And you can select other font types, sizes, and colors for the text you input. Besides, shapes and orientations of lines can be changed as you like. Various and multiple arrows help your flowchart become more straightforward. With these features, you can make unique and clear flowcharts.

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Design Your Own Flowchart
Share Flowchart With Teammates

Share Flowchart with Teammates Without Limitation

When you are making the flowchart online using MindOnMap Flowchart Maker and want to save it to the local disk, you can export your flowchart as JPG/PNG image and SVG/Word/PDF file. After exporting, you also can send your flowchart file to others for sharing. In addition, this flowchart creator supports sharing with others online by generating the flowchart to a link. Next, you can copy the link and send it to your teammates. You also can encrypt the link and set the valid duration.

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Why Choose MindOnMap Flowchart Maker

How to Create a Flowchart Online

Step 1. Visit and Login to MindOnMap

In the beginning, please enter the official website, click the Create Flowchart button and sign in MindOnMap.

Step 2. Enter the Flowchart Function

After logging in, you can click the Flowchart button to start making a flowchart as you like.

Step 3. Create a Flowchart by Yourself

You can select General or Flowchart to add flowchart symbols. Then, to draw a line for connecting boxes, you can select a box, click the point on its border, and drag. Double-click the box to input the text. To describe the relation between boxes, please double-click the link.

Step 4. Output and Share Flowchart

After finishing your flowchart, you can click the Export button to save it to your computer. You also can click the Share button to get the link and send it to others.

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