Compress JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF Automatically

If your image file size is too large and occupies your device storage too much, you can use MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online. And you do not need to manually set the compression level because MindOnMap Image Compressor can automatically reduce the photo file size. In addition, almost all popular image formats are supported by MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online, including JPG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and more.

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Batch Reduce Image File Size Online Easily and Quickly

Moreover, you can use MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online to reduce multiple image sizes in batches online. And when you want to compress multiple images, you can click the Upload Images button and directly select them at a time with your mouse, and you do not have to select these images one by one. Decreasing image file sizes with this tool is easy and fast. And using this image compressor, you do not have to learn how to compress images online in specialty.

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Shrink Images to Provide Convenience for Life

You can use MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online on many occasions. When you want to speed up uploading images and sharing photos with others faster, you can use this image compressor to reduce the image size. If you want to reduce the storage your images occupy on your computer, you also can use this image reducer. If you are the people who run the website and want to speed up loading, you can use this tool to compress images on your website.

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Why Choose MindOnMap Image Compressor

Free to Compress

Free to Compress

MindOnMap Image Compressor enables you to compress pictures for free. And there is no other cost when using this tool.

Without Watermark

Without Watermark

If you want to compress images without watermarks, you can use MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online.

Secure to Reduce

Secure to Reduce

From the beginning to the end of using this image reducer, your privacy will be protected and will not be revealed.

No Advertising

No Advertising

Unlike other online tools, MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online has no advertisements.

User Reviews User Reviews

User Reviews

Check what our users say about MindOnMap Image Compressor and try it yourself.


Lucia BannerBannerBannerBannerBanner

This is a practical tool. And I have compressed hundreds of images using this tool, which always meets my needs.



What a great tool! MindOnMap Image Compressor lets me compress my SVG images successfully free online.



MindOnMap Image Compressor is absolutely a fantastic image editing tool. With it, I can shrink my images easily and quickly.

FAQs About MindOnMap Image Compressor

How to compress an image online?

1.Go to MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online;
2.Click the Upload Images button to select the photo you want to compress;
3.Then this tool will compress your image automatically;
4.Lastly, click the Download button to save the compressed image to your device.

How to compress images in PowerPoint?

If you use PowerPoint 2016 or later versions, you can compress images by following these steps:
1.Launch PowerPoint on your computer, find the presentation file that has pictures you want to compress, and open it;
2.Find the image you need to compress and click it;
3.Then you will enter the Picture Format tab;
4.Choose Compress Pictures, and your images will be compressed automatically in PowerPoint.

How to compress an image in Photoshop?

1.Run Photoshop on your desktop and open your image with it;
2.Choose the File tab, click Export, and select Save for Web;
3.Next, you will enter a window where you can resize and compress your image.

What is the highest quality image resolution?

The best quality image resolution should be at least 300 pixels per inch. With this resolution, you can get an image of good quality for printing.


MindOnMap Free Image Compressor Online

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