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Draw Tree Diagrams with Various Shapes Professionally

When using MindOnMap Tree Diagram Maker, you can select shapes for your professional tree diagrams as you like until you think these shapes are suitable. This tool provides you with a variety of shapes, including flowchart, misc, advanced, basic, arrows, UML, BPMN, clipart, etc. Arrows are essential in tree diagram making, so this tree diagram generator enables you to change arrows’ styles and directions with ease.

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Unify Style Quickly When Creating Tree Diagram

Sometimes, you may use different fonts, colors, sizes, and even alignments while drawing a tree diagram because of the broken process. Luckily, MindOnMap Tree Diagram Maker can help you unify your text and shape styles by selecting the whole tree diagram and adjusting the text and shape. You can change your text font, color, and size in this process. You also can choose the alignment for your text from left, center, right, top, bottom, etc.

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Unify Style
Decision Making

Convenient Tree Diagram Maker for Decision Making

With MindOnMap Tree Diagram Maker, you can make treemaps easily for various uses. For example, when you need to make a decision making, you can make a tree diagram to make exclusive decisions by analyzing and running exclusive events. You also can use this tree diagram maker to create a tree diagram for hierarchy management. With this tree map, the main task and sub-tasks can be carried out smoothly.

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Why Choose MindOnMap Tree Diagram Maker

How to Make a Tree Diagram Online

Step 1. Enter and Register MindOnMap

If it’s your first time using MindOnMap Tree Diagram Maker, you need to sign in after clicking the Make Tree Diagram button.

Step 2. Click Tree Map or Flowchart

Then you can click the New button to enter the beginning screen. If you want to create a simple tree diagram, you can select the Tree Map button. If you would like to make a professional tree diagram, please select the Flowchart button.

Step 3. Start Making Tree Diagram

Suppose you use the Flowchart function; you can drag a shape from the left panel to start. Then you can click Waypoints, Line Start, and Line End to design arrows for your diagram. You can directly type the content and adjust the text appearance by clicking Style > Text on the right panel.

Step 4. Share and Export

Finally, you can click the Share button to copy your tree diagram link and send it to others. You also can click the Export button to save it to your device.

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