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Do Genograms to Visualize Your Big Family

People with big families have trouble describing relationships among individuals in his/her family. In this case, the genogram is invented and developed. What is a genogram? It is a graphic that can be used to show and analyze patterns of inheritance and factors of psychology, which can let others understand your family's relationships clearly. And this free genogram maker from MindOnMap can help you create genograms and meet your needs.

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Offer Genogram Symbols to Represent All Members

The symbol library of MindOnMap is comprehensive and abundant. So, when you need to make genograms with this genogram generator, you can start quickly without concern. You can use the rectangle shape to represent the male of your family and the circle shape to represent the female. To describe relationships between two family members, you can use full lines or dotted lines. There are also circles and rectangles with crossed lines you can use to describe the status of the individual.

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Save Genogram Automatically with Adjusted Canvas

During the process of drawing a genogram, MindOnMap Genogram Maker can help you save your content automatically. And all your diagrams, charts, and maps will be saved in MindOnMap, and you can check, view, and modify them as long as there is a network connection, which is convenient. Besides, you can change the canvas size to let others read your genograms easily if your complicated genograms contain a mass of data.

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Why Choose MindOnMap Genogram Maker

How to Make a Genogram Online

Step 1. Select Tool

You can use MindOnMap to start making a genogram by clicking the Make Genogram button. If you are a new user, please sign in.

Step 2. Enter Canvas

Next, select the Flowchart option to enter the genogram drawing canvas.

Step 3. Make Genogram

Before making a genogram for your family, you should gather the information first. And then, please select the Square shape or the Circle shape to represent the gender of each family member. You can go to Style and select the color for each shape. To input each individual's role, double-click on the canvas and select Text.

Step 4. Export to Local

In the end, you can click the Export button to save your genogram to your computer or mobile device.

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