How to Create a Genogram Online and Desktop Tool The Ultimate Guidelines

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Our family's history can be one of the fantastic things we can learn. Looking back to the account and relationships of our families is also a great way to define and understand the current generation on how they behave, act, and how to look. In line with that, the genogram is one of the valuable ways to help us in making the tracing possible. As we all know, a genogram is a visualization of a person's family history and relationships. Through this diagram, we can now quickly unveil the patterns and psychological elements that can affect our relationship and how we behave. For that reason, we would like to help you with how to make a genogram with ease. We will teach you the best ways to make it by using two tools– MindOnMap and MS Word. Without further explanations, we shall now see the instruction in creating the visual presentation of our family history and relationship.

How to Make a Genogram

Part 1. Best Way to Create a Genogram Online

We shall know to proceed with making a genogram using an online tool. This process is one of the easiest things we can follow because it does not require a time-consuming installing process. All we need to get is our web browser and access the MindOnMap tool in the search bar. MindOnMap is a high-quality online tool that possesses outstanding features for free. These features are great in making different visuals like Genegram with ease. This portion lets me know how to draw a genogram using an online tool.

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Free Download

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Access the web page of MindOnMap. From the main web page, click the Create Your Mind Map button on the central part of the page.

MindOnMap Create Your Mind Map

On the new tab, click the New option, and a list of different charts will appear on the right side. Please choose the Org-Chart Map among the following as we proceed to the next step.

MindOnMap New Org Chart

You will now see the main page where you can create your genogram. On the middle part of the web, you will see the Main Node, which will serve as the starting point of your chart and serve as the focus of your diagram. Click it and go to the Add Node. You may add as much as for nodes as you want to.

MindOnMap Add Node

The next step is adding Text with the nodes. We should now add the name of the family members as we make the genogram comprehensive and live its purposes.

MindOnMap Add Text

The fifth step will be to make the genogramm more appealing to see. We will edit its color palette. We can change the color of each node following their relationship. Go to the Tools on the right side of the web page. Choose Style and look at the Paint. Different colors will show. Choose what color you will use and apply it to each node.

MindOnMap Add Color

We can also change the background color for aesthetic and contrast purposes. On the right side, please access the Theme and choose the Backdrop. Under it, a different Color and Grid Texture will appear. Choose among the options, and it will be automatically added.

MindOnMap Add Back Drop

Please click the Export button in the right corner of your upper webpage as we save your chart. Then, a different file format will appear. Choose the form you need and your file to download.

MindOnMap Export

That is the simple process of creating a genogram online. It is straightforward and more effective to use rather than other tools. As an advantage, this process is more accessible and easy to follow. It is also free, that is why we do not need to pay any cent to have a genogram. On the other hand, it requires an internet connection. Overall, it is an excellent method.

Part 2. How to Make a Genogram on Word

We shall now proceed with the following methods to do a genogram effectively and instantly. As we all know, Microsoft is one of the flexible software that offers many tools. One of these is the MS Word. This genogram maker possesses many features and elements that can help us create a comprehensive genogram. Without further ado, we shall now know how to make a genogram on Word.


Please open the Word on your computer. From the main tab, click the Blank Documents on the right corner of the screen.

Word Blank Document

On the top portion, go to the Insert and choose Shape. You may add the shapes you need to the blank page and arrange them according to your preference. Do not forget to add a Line to show the relationship of each element.

Word Add Shape And Line

In the third step, you need to add each Shape's family members' names.

Word Add Text

Add additional details for an easy understanding of your genogram. You may add labels as a guide. On the upper left side, add a Rectangle that contains the title of each family member.

Wrd Add Labels

Let us now save your diagram by going to the File portion. Click the Save Us, go to the Computer, and choose the folder where you want to place your file. Then, lastly, click the Save button.

Word Save Genogram

Part 3. Tips on Making a Genogram

Above this article, we can see two methods for doing a genogram. In this part, we will give you a few tips about making a genogram. As we all know, doing a genogram must possess great creativity, primarily if we use it for presentation or academic purposes.

Tip 1: Research or Inquiry

Creating a genogram requires research. We need to know all of the details and names of our family members from our ancestors. We can ask our siblings and parents if they know it. We can now add the legit information within our genogram in this act.

Tip 2: Use Colors

As we create genograms, do not forget to add colors for attention grabber and the aesthetic of the beholder. Colors can also be an element to represent the role or relationship among your family members.

Tip 3: Positioning

Positioning the lineage of our family members correctly will help us in creating genograms properly. That is why we need to ensure that the position is proper to avoid confusing texts.

Part 4. FAQs about How to Make a Genogram

Do Genograms and Family trees are different?

These two are similar in visualizing the lineage of our family history. However, Genogram consists of more information rather than the Family tree. In Genogram, it presents us with necessary information about the relationship within your family. Also, the Genogram includes how these people interact with each other. On the other hand, the family tree only shows your family's lineage.

Can I create a genogram with PowerPoint?

Yes. Creating a genogram through PowerPoint is possible. We all know that Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the flexible tools we can use to create visual representations and diagrams. It possesses many elements that can help us build it with ease. We can create a comprehensive genogram through PowerPoint by using the SmartArt feature.

May I use SmartArt to create a genogram?

Yes. The SmartArt feature of Word 2016 and Word 2019 will allow you to create a simple genogram. It is one of the fantastic features of Microsoft and can help us in making the process at ease.


Having the genogram is now within our reach. We can see how efficient and effective MindOnMap is in making it possible. In addition, we can say that it is an excellent tool because it possesses many free features. Many professionals are using the basics of its functionality. In addition, MS Word is also a fantastic tool we can use as an alternative to MindOnMap. Please share this article so that we can help other people who need to create an informative genogram. Also, you may see our website for more solutions and knowledge.

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