How to Make a Flowchart in Excel (Default and Alternative Ways)

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One of the best products of Microsoft that should not leave your collection of productivity apps is Excel. It is mainly used for data storing, computing, and pivot tables. In other words, this spreadsheet tool can do more than just one task. It is a multi-purpose program that many users should learn to utilize.

Another yet practical use of this program is the ability to create graphical representations of data such as flowcharts. Therefore, besides the processes mentioned above, Microsoft Excel can serve as a graphical or drawing tool for representing data or information. If you are unsure how to design a flowchart in Excel and where to start, we will guide you throughout the process. In addition, this post will teach you an easy alternative to make flowcharts as well.

create Flowchart in Excel

Part 1. Walkthrough How to Create a Flowchart in Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016

It is stated that Excel could help you create diverse illustrations and representations of data, including flowcharts. That is on top of its primary and essential functions. If you are wondering, there are two ways to build a flowchart in Excel. You can begin from scratch using the shapes provided in the program. Additionally, within Excel is the SmartArt option that holds the flowchart essentials. Plus, they are highly customized to help you develop your desired graphic representation. To build a flowchart in Excel, follow the approximate guide below.


Install and launch Microsoft Excel

Install the flowchart tool on your computer by going to its download page. If the program is already installed, launch the tool afterward.


Make grids for the flowchart

It would be best if you made grids for your flowchart, where you will place the chart. Start by selecting a cell in the sheet. To do it, press the combination of Ctrl + A keys, and the entire spreadsheet will be selected. Right-click on one of the column heads and select Column Width. After that, set your desired width for the grid.

Create Grid Excel

Add shapes for the flowchart

Of course, to form a flowchart, you need shapes. Simply go to the Insert tab on the ribbon of the program. Select Shapes from the menu. Then, under the Flowchart section, choose the shapes you need for the process you are trying to portray. Complete your flowchart by repeating the procedure. Then, connect the shapes using arrows and lines to finish.

Select And Add Shapes

Insert texts and save the chart

Adjust the shapes sizes and alignment. Then, add texts to the shapes or branches of the chart. Continue doing so until all the nodes are filled with proper texts. Finally, you can save the chart as you usually do when saving an Excel sheet.

Edit Chart And Save


A convenient way on how to make a flowchart in Excel is by utilizing the SmartArt feature of the program. It hosts many flowchart templates that you can use to create charts and graphical representations instantly. This feature is present under the Insert tab. Click this option, and a window should appear. Next, click the Process option and select a design that fits your needs. Click OK once you have chosen a template. Then, add it to the cells of your Excel.

Part 2. Easier Way than Using Excel to Create a Flowchart

To make your creation of flowchart easier and more efficient, you can take into account MindOnMap. It is a 100% free program that helps you create graphs, charts, and other visual aid tools online. You do not need to pay for an expensive app to create such graphical representations because you can fulfill and accomplish it using this free program. There are stylish themes and templates available for your flowchart. Also, you can customize the fonts, backdrop, and nodes of your chart.

Aside from the mentioned features, it also enables you to insert attachments like images and icons to make your graph eye-catching and pleasant. On top of that, you may share your work with others using the link of the map or chart. Plus, your project is available to export in image and document formats. Follow the steps below to learn how to create a flowchart in this Excel alternative.


Launch MindOnMap on your browser

Search for MindOnMap on the web. Then, hit the Create Online button on the main page to use the web-based program. If you need the desktop program, click Free Download below.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Get MIndOnMap

Select a template

The template page should appear where you can select a theme for the flowchart you will create. You can look for a template that fits your requirements. Alternatively, you can choose to create from scratch.

Template Selection

Add the necessary nodes and edit

Select the main node and click on the Node option at the top menu to add branches. Continue doing it until the desired number of nodes to form your flowchart is achieved. Next, go to the Style section on the right-side menu and adjust the shapes according to the process of the flowchart you wish to portray.

Edit Flowchart

Save the flowchart

Once done editing, you can click the Export button at the top right corner of the interface. This operation will keep the form and setting of your flowchart. Optionally, you can send your flowchart to colleagues and friends online. Simply click the Share button, get the link and send it to your friends. Have them open the link and see the chart.

Export Flowchart

Part 3. FAQs on Creating a Flowchart in Excel

What are the types of a flowchart?

There are four main types of a flowchart. That includes the swim lane, process of communication, workflow diagram, and data flowcharts. Yet, versions and variations of flowcharts are endless. These are just the four common ones.

How do I make a flowchart for free?

There are several free programs you may use to create a flowchart. Consider the likes of Lucidchart. However, programs like this only offer free trials. For a completely free program, you may opt for online solutions like MindOnMap.

Can you create a flowchart in Word?

Yes. Microsoft Word also comes with a SmartArt feature and shapes for creating a flowchart. Therefore, it is absolutely possible if you wish to create flowcharts and other graphical representations in Word.


With the walkthrough outlined above, you can learn how to create a flowchart in Excel in no time. An easier yet accessible way to do it is by using the online tool MindOnMap. It holds the basic shapes for creating a flowchart and diagrams. Aside from that, there are options for editing the font, node, and even the backdrop of the flowchart. That only proves that the tool is a versatile program and helpful in creating good diagrams and charts.

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