5 Gantt Chart Templates and Examples You May Need When Working

A Gantt Chart is a sequence of horizontal lines which represent the world done or activities completed. It is a tool or method used by many professionals and workers to track their activities and know the tasks that need to be done. Using a Gantt Chart, you and your team will also know the tasks you must prioritize. Gantt Charts can help you in many ways; that’s why many people use them when planning and doing a specific job. Due to its demand, many people are searching for a Gantt Chart template and example to help them effectively create their Gantt Chart. That’s why in this article, we will give you the solutions that you need. Read this post thoroughly to know the best Gantt Chart templates and examples you must use.

Gantt Chart Template Example

Part 1. Recommendation: Chart Maker

When you search for a Gantt chart maker, you will probably see many applications on your browser’s result page. However, not all chart makers can help you make a Gantt Chart. But do not worry; there is still hope for you. In this part, we will show you the most amazing Gantt Chart maker you can use to create stunning Gantt Charts.

MindOnMap is the most potent chart maker that can help you make Gantt Charts online. This tool enables you to create a Gantt Chart using its Flowchart option. With MindOnMap, you can easily create a table for creating Gantt Charts. Also, it has ready-made templates that you can use for creating different graphing tools or charts, like Gantt Charts. Moreover, with MindOnMap, you can add unique icons, symbols, emojis, and more. You can also insert images and links you want to add to your project. What’s even fantastic about this application is that you can share the link with your friends and let them contribute to the work.

Furthermore, many beginners can use this application because it has an easy-to-use interface and quick-to-navigate functions. You will not have difficulty searching for this tool because it is accessible on all web browsers, such as Google, Firefox, and Safari. So, if you want to know how to create a Gantt Chart using this excellent Gantt Chart maker, follow the simple steps below.

Free Download

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Free Download

Secure Download

How to create a Gantt Chart using MindOnMap


Open your browser and search for MindOnMap in your search box. You can also click the link provided to access the application immediately. And then, log in or sign up for an account to use this tool. But do not worry; it is completely free and safe to use.


And then, on the software’s main user interface, click the Create Your Mind Map button.

Create Gantt Chart

Then on the following interface, click the New button and select the Flowchart option where you will create your Gantt Chart.

New Gantt Chart Template

Next, select the rectangle shape on the General panel and use the shapes to draw your table for your Gantt Chart. And to add text, click the Text option under General, and input the text you want to include.

Use Rectangle Text

Now, it’s time to place the milestones on your chart. Use any shape that you want and start putting them.

Input Milestone

And then, you can share the link with your team by clicking the Share button and then Copy Link. But if you want to export your Gantt Chart to other platforms, click the Export button and select the output format you want.

Share or Export Template

Part 2. Gantt Chart Templates

People sometimes search for Gantt Chart templates because they do not know how to start one. And indeed, it is quite challenging to start from scratch. But do not worry; in this section, you do not need to search for templates anymore because we will give them to you.

1. Gantt Chart Template for Excel

Gantt Chart Excel

Yes, you can use Microsoft Excel to create a Gantt Chart. Excel also has a ready-made template that you can use to create a Gantt Chart. But if you want an advanced template, then you can use the image above to set it as an example. This Gantt Chart template for Excel can track your regional sales graphically. Just input the region and month, and that is it for you!

2. Monthly Gantt Chart Template for Excel

Six Month Gantt

When it comes to business planning and project management, many professionals use a popular template: the monthly Gantt Chart template. You can also use Microsoft Excel to create a monthly Gantt Chart. In addition, when it comes to monthly Gantt Chart templates, you can always adjust the months or even add months to the template. Therefore, use or follow the monthly Gantt Chart Excel template to have a monthly Gantt Chart template.

3. Gantt Chart Template for Google Sheets

Gantt Chart Sheets

If you are asking, “Is it possible to create a Gantt Chart in Google Sheets?” Then the obvious answer to your question is yes. Google Sheets is one of the applications that you can use to make excellent Gantt Charts. And if you want to use an example template on Google Docs, refer to the image above. This Gantt Chart template for Google Sheets is easy to do and is an example of a basic Gantt Chart.

4. Gantt Chart for PowerPoint

PowerPoint Gantt Chart

Another software that you can use to create a Gantt Chart is Microsoft PowerPoint. This application is one of the Microsoft apps to create a Gantt Chart. Also, professionals use this tool because it is easy to use and has an easy-to-export process. Furthermore, PowerPoint allows you to import images that you can include in your Gantt Chart. If you are searching for a Gantt Chart template for PowerPoint, then you can refer to the image below.

5. Gantt Chart Template for Google Docs

Google Docs Gantt

If you want a simple way to create your Gantt Chart, then you can use Google Docs to do so. You can use this simple Gantt Chart template from Google Docs.

Part 3. Gantt Chart Examples

It is based on your activities or tasks on what your Gantt Chart will look like. But just for the sake of letting you know about the Gantt Chart, we will provide you with a Gantt Chart example.

Sample Gantt Chart

Here is another example that you can copy. In this example, the projects are listed daily so that everyone on the team can clearly understand the beginning and end of their duties.

Another Example

What you will see on the Gantt Chart are:

◆ The starting date of your project

◆ The project tasks

◆ The team member working on each task

◆ The progress of each task

◆ Task dependencies

◆ The milestones and the project phases

◆ The finishing date of your project

Part 4. FAQs about Gantt Chart Template and Examples

Is there a Gantt Chart template I can use in Word?

You can search for a sample template from Word or use the built-in Gantt Chart template in Word. Go to the Insert tab, and select Chart from the Illustration panel. On the Chart tab, select the Stacked Bar under the Bar category.

What are the three things included in a Gantt Chart?

The main things that you can see in a Gantt Chart are:
• Activities
• Milestones
• Timeline

What is the Gantt Chart mainly used for?

The main purpose of a Gantt Chart is for project management. It assists in planning and scheduling tasks to be done in a certain period.


All the Gantt Chart templates and examples can significantly help you create amazing Gantt Charts that you can share with your team. And if you want to use an online application to easily make a Gantt Chart, use MindOnMap now for free!

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