3 Efficient Tips to Try to Make Black Picture Background

Sometimes, you might get used to how your photos look. Hence, you plan to change image background to black. That way, you’ll capture people’s attention or use it for other purposes. Yet, you might find it challenging to do it at first. But worry no more. In this post, we’ll help you turn the background of your photo black quickly and easily. Not only that, we’ll also discuss when you should do it so you will be informed better. With that, let’s now start this video to make dark background images.

Change Image Background to Black

Part 1. When Do I Need Black Image Background

To know when change image background to black, here is the list you need to know:

◆ When you want to enhance the contrast of elements placed on your photo background. That way, it can give better visibility and readability.

◆ When you want to emphasize colors. Black backgrounds usually make colors pop.

◆ When you want to make your photo look aesthetic and stylish. Since black is often associated with sophistication and elegance.

◆ Since a black background can help isolate a subject by eliminating distractions.

◆ When creating images for certain types of printing or digital displays. A black background might be preferred to avoid interference with the overall design.

Part 2. How to Make the Background of a Picture Black

Finally, you have clearly understood when you must change your picture background to black. Now, it’s time to learn how to make a photo background black using reliable tools.

Option 1. How to Make a Photo Background Black with MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online

First, we have MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online. It is an online tool that lets you change your picture background to black. It supports a wide array of photo formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and more. It is popular for removing background on any images for free. Yet, it is also reliable when it comes to changing the color. It offers blur, red, white, green, including black, and so on. Apart from that, you can change your background using another image. This tool automatically makes your image backdrop transparent. But you can choose what to erase to satisfy your needs. Now, here’s how to make a dark photo background:


Visit the official page of MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online. Click Upload Images to select photos to remove the background from.

Click the Upload Images Button

After that, the tool will immediately detect and remove the background of your photo. Now, go to the Edit section. Then, from the Color tab, choose the Black color option.

Choose Edit and Black

Once changed, it’s time to save the final output. Select the Download button at the lower part of your current interface.

Choose Edit and Black

Option 2. How to Change Image Background to Black Using removal.ai

One more tool you can try to transform the background of your image to black is removal.ai. It also uses AI technologies that can provide you with a transparent output. With it, you can make your dark background pictures by adjusting the color palette to your needs. Yet, this tool does not allow you to customize your removal selection. Plus, you need to sign up to save the high-quality output. Here’s a simple guide to follow:


Navigate to the removal.ai website. From there, click the CHOOSE A PHOTO button or drag and drop the picture.


Then, click the Editor tool and click Preview image. Then, look for the color palette section.

Editor Tool Button

Now, adjust the palette to black. Finally, hit the Download Image button to save it.

Adjust Color Palette

Option 3. Convert Image to Black Background with Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing software for professionals. The good news is that you can also add black background to photos using it. In fact, you can even make it transparent, textured, and colored with different shade backgrounds. It also offers various background colors that you can use. However, if you’re a beginner, you might find its interface overwhelming. Further, you need a premium version of the tool to fully access and use it for your needs. Nevertheless, it’s still a good option.


First, import the image to Photoshop. Click File and pick Open from the drop-down menu. From the tools palette on the left side of the interface, select the Quick Selection Tool.

Quick Selection Tool Option

Now, click and hold left-hand and drag your cursor to choose the background you want to change. After that, look for Color Picker, which will serve as your background color.

Color Picker

Then, select the black option for your image background color. Afterward, press the Delete key on your keyboard. Then, choose Background Color next to the Use section. Hit OK.


When the background of your photo turns to black, save your work now. Head to the File tab and choose the Save As option.

Save as File

And so that’s how to make the background of a picture black with Photoshop. Even though it’s the easiest method in Photoshop; some still find it laborious.

Feature MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online Removal.ai Photoshop
Type of Tool Online Online Professional image editing software
Background Removal AI-powered automatic and manual background removal AI-powered background removal Manual background removal with various tools and options
Ease of Use User-friendly, with a simple online interface Beginner-friendly user interface Professional-grade software with a steeper learning curve
Platform Supported Web-based. It is accessible from any device with an internet connection Web-based, accessible to any device with an internet Desktop software for Windows and macOS
Cost Free Monthly subscriptions – $0.13/image Lifetime – $0.90/image Individual – $22.99/month

Part 3. FAQs About How to Change Image Background to Black

How do I black out the background of a picture on my iPhone?

There are two ways to put a black background on a picture on iPhone. First, you can use the Portrait mode when you capture on your device. From there, select the Stage Light Mono option. It will automatically make the background of your captured photo black while it will keep the subject illuminated. The second one is using the Edit option in the Photos app. Then, adjust the contrast to 100 while the brightness to -100.

How can I change the background color of a picture?

There are different methods you can try to change the background color of your picture. One such tool is MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online. It is 100% free and lets you change the background to black very quickly. It offers various colors, like white, blue, and red, including black and more.

How do I make a picture background black and white?

First, you have to understand that a black-and-white background means turning your photo into a transparent one. Now, if you wish to make your image black and white, use MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online. Access it through your browser, then click the Upload Images button. The tool will immediately detect and remove the background of your photo.


In the end, you have learned how to make the image background black. There may be tons of ways on the internet. Yet, we listed the most dependable tools in this post. Among the options provided, there’s one tool that stands out the most. It is the MindOnMap Free Background Remover Online. It is easy to use, removes background at a fast speed, and, more importantly, it is 100% free!

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