Most Trustworthy AI Speech Generators for Free

Jade MoralesMay 23, 2024Review

In this techy world, various AI tools can help you make your tasks easier and quicker. One of the best examples is the AI voice generators. With this generator, you can create a voice without speaking. It can generate a voice using artificial intelligence, which is more convenient. The process is also known as text-to-speech. Well, it can offer various benefits on why you need to use one. So, if you want to explore AI voice generators, then you must be thankful since we are here to assist you. We will provide a legitimate review regarding the most reliable AI text to speech generators you can use. So, begin reading this post right away.

Free AI Voice Generator

Part 1. Benefits of Generating Voice with AI

As we all know, there are various benefits you can obtain when generating voice using AI. So, if you want to learn what benefits they are, you must proceed to this section. Read all the information below and find out all the information you need.

Communication and Accessibility

AI voice can help some users, especially visually impaired people. With this tool, they can still access various information without reading content. Plus, the tool is perfect for multilingual communication. Various tools can generate voices in various languages. It can aid communication across language barriers and can promote inclusivity.

Efficiency and Content Creation

Another benefit of the AI tool is that it can narrate e-learning modules, documentaries, or audiobooks. With this, it can reduce production costs. Also, it can be used as a virtual assistant and chatbot. It can provide 24/7 customer support to lower the service costs.

Develop User Experience

With advanced AI tools, it can be more natural-sounding synthetic voices. It can develop the user experience when communicating with an AI-powered system. Also, the tool allows some customization of voice characteristics. It includes accent, tone, pitch, and more. With that, it can provide more engaging interactions with AI tools.

With this information, you might get an idea of how AI voice generators are useful and helpful to users. So, if you want to generate voice automatically, it is best to look for an excellent and reliable AI speech generator.

Part 2. How Does AI Work in Generating Speech

The core of the AI-generated voice is the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithm (ML). These models can help the tool analyze various inserted prompts or content. It includes text data, transcripts, written documents, and more. It can help identify various structures and patterns in a certain language. With this, after inserting a text in a certain AI voice generator, the tool will begin to analyze and produce voice after a few moments.

Part 3. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabsAI Voice Generators

Best for: Translating text into various languages.

If you are searching for an excellent AI voice generator for free, use ElevenLabs. This tool lets you generate a voice by adding text to the text box. What’s great here is that you can change the voice from boy to girl or vice versa. Plus, it can translate the word into various languages. With that, we can tell that ElevenLabs is one of the most powerful AI-powered tools you can use for generating voice.

Key Features

◆ Generate Voice with various tones.

◆ It can deal with multiple languages.

◆ It lets users download the generated voice.


◆ When using the free version, it only lets you insert text up to 300 maximum.

Part 4. PlayHT

PlayHT AI Voice Generetors

Best for: Generating voices with different tones.

Another free AI text-to-speech to use is PlayHT. It is an online tool that can help you generate a speech after inserting the prompt you have provided in the text box. Also, the tool lets you change the voice based on your preference. Aside from that, what makes it unique is that you can adjust the voice speed. So, if you want to generate a voice faster than the average, PlayHT is the best tool you can operate.

Key Features

◆ It can generate speech from various texts.

◆ It supports a voice changer.

◆ The tool lets users change their voice speed.


◆ Since the tool is not 100% free, it only offers 12,000+ words.

◆ There are times when the voice generation process is too slow.

Part 5. Synthesia

Synthesia AI Voice Generators

Best for: Generating voices like humans.

If you are looking for another AI voice generator text-to-speech, use Synthesia. It has a free version that lets you experience the tool’s capability in terms of generating various voices. Also, its user interface is simple, making it perfect for all users. Aside from that, it will let you choose your preferred voice since the tool can offer various voice types from its options. What’s more, the good thing here is that you can download the generated video. Therefore, if you want to generate voice easily and obtain it quickly, Synthesia is the best tool to use.

Key Features

◆ ey FeaturesThe tool can generate voices with various voice types.

◆ It lets users download the generated voice quickly.


◆ The free version lets users insert text up to 165 words.

◆ The voice types are limited.

Part 6. AI Voice Generator

AIVoice Generator Tool

Best for: Generating audio with great quality.

AI Voice Generator is another useful AI-powered tool that can help you generate voice. Since it can save the generated voice, you can select the audio format you prefer. Also, you can even change various aspects when generating a voice. You can change voice types, languages, and volume. What’s best here is that the AI Voice Generator is capable of adjusting the voice speed. With that, if you want to edit various aspects before saving the generated voice, it is best to operate this AI-powered tool.

Key Features

◆ This AI-powered tool can generate voices and save them in various formats.

◆ It can speed up generated voice.

◆ The tool can download the voice after the voice-generation procedure.


◆ Generating voice is time-consuming.

◆ When attaching a file, the maximum file size is 10 MB.

Part 7. Natural Reader

Natural Reader Generator Tool

Best for: Generate voice smoothly.

Natural Reader is an AI text-to-speech reader that lets you generate every text you insert into the text box. With this tool, you can voice over a video after the generation procedure. In addition to that, it lets you change the voice type based on your desire. Plus, changing the voice speed is possible since it is among the tool’s features that you can encounter during the operation. Therefore, if you are looking for a text-to-speech AI tool that will help you achieve your desired result, use the tool right away.

Key Features

◆ The tool can generate voice from text.

◆ It lets users change their voice from male to female or vice versa.

◆ Changing the voice speed is possible.


◆ It is impossible to download the generated voice when using the free version.

Part 8. Murf AI

Murf Generator Tool

Best for: Generating voice with clear and accurate results.

The last AI voice generator for free that you can operate is Murf AI. This tool is among the reliable tools because it can add numerous blocks in generating voices. With this function, you can add multiple texts you want to generate voice simultaneously. Plus, Murf AI has an easy-to-understand user interface. With that, whether you are a skilled or non-professional user, operating the tool is a simple task. Thus, you can consider utilizing the AI tool for generating voice effectively and smoothly.

Key Features

◆ The AI-powered tool is capable of generating voice with multiple blocks.

◆ It can add and change various voice types.

◆ It lets users insert another recorder voice-over.


◆ The tool is incapable of adjusting voice speed.

◆ Voice types are limited.

Part 9. Best Mind Mapping Tool to Make Outline for Speech Text

If you want to create an outline for your speech text, then you must have an excellent mind-mapping tool. Well, outlining can have various benefits. It can help you brainstorm with your team, make a clear and neat visual presentation, and more. With that, if you are looking for an excellent mind-mapping tool to use, we recommend using MindOnMap. With the help of this excellent tool, you can create an effective and attractive outline quickly and easily. Plus, you can use various functions you may need during the operation. It includes various nodes for the main topic, subtopic, connecting lines, and more. Plus, MindOnMap can also provide a Theme feature. This feature can help you make your outline more unique and catchy to the eye. So, if you want to brainstorm with your team to create an outline for speech text, using MindOnMap is the right option. Therefore, use the tool and discover the full capabilities of the tool.

MindOnMap Make Outline
Free Download

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Free Download

Secure Download

Part 10. FAQs about Free AI Voice Generators

hat is the best AI speech generator?

Upon exploring the AI speech generators, there are various tools you can use to generate speech or voice. But, if you want the best tool, use AI Voice Generator. This tool can help you generate voice for free. Also, it lets you change the voice types and audio format. With that, you can achieve your desired result after the process.

What is the AI that can speak like you?

You can use various AI tools that can offer a human-like voice. These are PlayHT, ElevenLabs, AI Voice Generator, and more. With these tools, you can generate a voice that is capable of speaking like a human.

How do you use AI for speech?

The first thing to do is to look for an AI tool to use. Then, all you need is to insert the text into the text box. After that, you can begin the generation procedure. After a few moments, you can already have your generated voice.


These are the AI voice generators for free that you can operate effectively. With these remarkable tools, you can easily generate a voice without a sweat. Aside from that, if you are collaborating with your team to create an outline for speech text, the best tool to use is MindOnMap. It can provide all the functions you need to create engaging visuals, which makes it an ideal mind-mapping tool for everyone.

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