Gap Analysis Examples & Templates to Use for Better Decision-Making

Gap analysis is an essential tool used in different fields. Many use it for business management, project planning, and even personal development. Thus, it is a structured way to identify the gaps among the current and desired states. It helps individuals and organizations identify areas that need attention and improvement. To conduct a gap analysis, having a well-structured template and example is also vital. In this post, we will explore 6 helpful gap analysis templates and examples. Use these as your reference to execute a successful analysis.

Gap Analysis Template & Example

Part 1. Gap Analysis Templates

Gap Analysis Template Excel

Excel is a popular and versatile tool that is great for making gap analysis templates. With it, you can set up columns and rows to list the current state, the desired state, and any gaps you find. You can also add calculations and charts to help you better understand the data. Now, if you’re looking for an Excel gap analysis template, you can use the one below. Here, we have shown what you can include in your analysis. But definitely, you can customize it according to your needs.

Excel Template Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis Template Word

Wondering if you can create a gap analysis in Word? The answer is yes. Although it is a word processing tool, it can also be handy for crafting gap analysis templates. It also provides several functions that you can use to generate a template. You can add shapes, pictures, charts, texts, and more using it. As a matter of fact, you can make a text-based gap analysis in Word. But we have provided a template chart created in this software.

Word Gap Analysis Template

For a text-based gap analysis template, you can follow this format:

I. Introduction

II. Current State Assessment

III. Desired State or Benchmark

IV. Gap Identification

V. Recommended Actions

VI. Monitoring and Evaluation

VII. Conclusion

VIII. Approval

Gap Analysis Template PowerPoint

What is a gap analysis template PowerPoint? A gap analysis template in PowerPoint is a pre-designed presentation format. It helps you conduct and visually present a gap analysis. So, it is also a popular tool used by many to create presentations. Using it, you can also use texts, graphics, charts, and images to make your gap analysis clear and engaging. Then, you can label the current state, future state, gap, and your action plan for your analysis. Plus, you can create as many templates with it and present it in a slideshow. Check out the gap analysis template made in PowerPoint below.

Powerpoint Template Gap Analysis

Part 2. Gap Analysis Examples

Example 1. Individual Gap Analysis

If you want to step up in your career, business, or personal life, a personal gap analysis is what you need. It helps you figure out what steps you need to take to reach your goals. You start by looking at where you are right now and comparing it to where you want to be. This shows you the gaps or differences that you need to work on. You can use this example below to know where you need to start in your analysis.

Individual Gap Analysis Example

Get a detailed individual gap analysis example.

Example 2. Market Gap Analysis

Market Gap Analysis is a structured way to figure out where your business stands in a market. Here, you need to consider your position in terms of supply and demand. It is a method that helps you look at parts of your business. It could be because some might not be doing so great. Thus, you need to find ways to improve them. It's like shining a light on the areas that need improvement. So you can work on them and get better results. Take a look at the example provided below to better understand market gap analysis. At the same time, you can use it for your reference in the future.

Market Gap Analysis Template

Get a complete market gap analysis example.

Part 3. Best Tool for Doing Gap Analysis Chart

Are you in search of a dependable tool to create a gap analysis chart? Well, look no further. MindOnMap is here to assist you with your needs for free! You can take a look at a visual presentation template of gap analysis made in this tool.

Gap Analysis MindOnMap

Get a detailed gap analysis template on MindOnMap.

MindOnMap stands out as the ideal platform for creating gap analysis charts. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience. With it, you can visualize the gaps between your current state and your desired states or goals. The tool also lets you make other diagrams aside from gap analysis. In fact, it offers various templates, allowing you to draw your ideas as you wish. These templates include a tree diagram, fishbone diagram, flowchart, organizational chart, and more. Further, it provides unique icons, shapes, and annotations. Thus, it enables you to create a personalized chart. Not only that, you can insert links and images using the tool. Plus, it has an auto-saving function, helping you prevent any data loss in your work.

Given these points, you can ensure that MindOnMap is a perfect tool to craft your chart. It also gives you an option to create online or download it on your computer. Now, begin your gap analysis template diagram-making using this platform.

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Create Gap Analysis Chart

Part 4. FAQs About Gap Analysis Template and Example

What are the 3 fundamental components of a gap analysis?

There are three fundamental components of a gap analysis you need to take note of. These are the current state assessment, desired state, and identification of gaps.

Does Excel have a gap analysis template?

Unfortunately, Excel does not have a gap analysis template but spreadsheet templates. Yet, you can use Excel to do a gap analysis and create a template for it.

How do you do a gap analysis in Word?

To do a gap analysis in Word, create a structured document with 4 sections. These are for the current state, desired state, gaps, and recommended actions or an action plan.

Where can I create a content gap analysis template?

You’ll find a lot of software that can help you create a content gap analysis template. The tool that we recommend the most is MindOnMap. With it, you can generate various gap analysis templates and visual presentations. In fact, you can also do a gap analysis with it.


To wrap it up, you’ve seen various gap analysis templates and examples in this post. It will be easier to make a personalized gap analysis as you have more references now. By using these, you can make better and more informed decisions to be successful. Yet, creating templates and charts wouldn’t be possible without using the right tool. With that, we highly recommend you use MindOnMap. It is a reliable tool for drawing your ideas and showing them through a visual presentation. So, whatever analysis and diagram you want to create, MindOnMap can help you.

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