Empathy Mapping Examples to Visualize User Attitudes and Behaviours

An empathy map is a way to visualize what a user is feeling, thinking, seeing, and saying. Many businesses and organizations use this UX tool to extract ideas about their users' needs and requirements. This way, you can categorize your knowledge of your customers in one place. Moreover, product teams use it to establish common ground, ensuring every team member is on the same page.

Typically, it is the initial step when researching a new product or service. By understanding customers’ behavior and attitude, you will be able to channel your energy toward what should be prioritized. To help you with that, we provided examples of empathy mapping templates for your reference and inspiration. Check them out below.

Empathy Map Template Example

Part 1. Best Empathy Map Maker Online

Before we proceed with the examples, let us take a look at one of the best empathy map makers. The examples are useless when you do not know any program to help you create them. If your objective is to find a dedicated tool to construct an empathy map, MindOnMap can assist you. Regardless of the empathy map template you wish to make, you can create a practical empathy map with the help of this program.

The program allows you to incorporate your creativity using dedicated symbols and customization options. On top of that, the program offers various themes to design your empathy map instantly. In addition, you may apply effects like a sketch, curved and rounded.

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Empathy Map MindOnMap

Part 2. Kinds of Empathy Map Template

There are kinds of empathy map templates you can also refer to. Here, we will introduce different empathy maps using various methods and ways. You can check them after the jump.

Empathy Map PowerPoint Template Free

You can consider PowerPoint to look for empathy map templates. The template presented below is ready-to-edit, meaning you will just input your information or the necessary data. At the center, you can enter User or Customer. Then, input the aspects in the corners, such as feels, says, thinks, and does. For further enhancement, go to the Design tab of the ribbon while selecting the

PowerPoint Empathy Map

Empathy Map Template Word

Microsoft Word may also contain an empathy map template with the help of the SmartArt feature. Particularly, it comes with the Matrix template that may portray an empathy map. Likewise, it is easy to edit; all you have to do is insert the information needed. When customization is necessary, you can always depend on the ready-made designs offered by the program to make a stylish empathy map.

Word Empathy Map

Empathy Map-Oriented Websites

Websites online also provide good sources of templates like Infograpify. This website has various templates, including an empathy map template that is free to download. Moreover, there are different layouts for different product team’s needs. The general rule or main task is to show the users’ needs and requirements about a product. On top of that, the empathy or customer empathy map examples can be incorporated into presentation programs, including PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

Infograpify Empathy Map

Part 3. Empathy Map Examples

Empathy Map Design Thinking Example

Here is an example of an empathy map where Melissa, the user, is saying what brand she likes and where she should start. As for the doing, she checks websites and researches to broaden her knowledge. What does she feel about this idea? She is excited and overwhelmed. Lastly, she is thinking of being excellent with the brand she chooses and looking for something that might complete or satisfy her. It aligns with the general purpose of the empathy map, which is determining the user’s requirements and needs.

Empathy Map Example

Empathy Map Template for Purchasing

Here, the customer is in the market for purchasing a new car. The empathy map will help you understand how customers feel and their requirements or what they are looking for. Also, you can shape your strategy and construct your content strategy in such a way that will deliver answers to their questions, raise emotions, and ease their fears.

User Empathy Map

Customer data collection Empathy Map

This map is an example of collecting data from a customer or user. The data or information will be derived from what a person says and does, what he hears, sees, thinks, and feels. After collecting these data, it can represent a summary of a user session. Besides, hidden feelings and thoughts may be subject to gleaning when using the structure strategy.

Empathy Map Data Collection

Part 4. FAQs About Empathy Map

What are the basics of building an empathy map?

You can accomplish the following steps to create an empathy map. That includes defining scope and goals, gathering materials, researching, generating stickies for quadrants, converging to cluster, and synthesizing. Finally, the creator should polish and plan.

What are the elements of an empathy map?

Empathy maps are composed of four elements: Says, Thinks, Does, and Feels. The says quadrant shows the user’s response during an interview. The thinks quadrant what the user is thinking all throughout the experience. The feels quadrant records the emotions of a customer or user, like what makes them afraid. Lastly, the does quadrant records the action taken by the user.

What is persona empathy mapping?

You create a constellation of thoughts, actions, and feelings through the conducted interview with the customer. It should underlie the statement of the customer that helps you understand where they are coming from.

Can I create an empathy map of my target user?

Usually, empathy is done through interviews and filling out the empathy map template. For this, you use the empty templates of empathy mapping above. You should be collecting data about customers feeling regarding your service or product.


Overall, an empathy map is one of the efficient tools to visualize information of the customer’s view about your product or service. Moreover, enhancing your user experience and meeting the company’s objectives and the organization's potential growth is important. On the other hand, you may use the empathy mapping template above that is designed to fill out customer reviews and make a future plan for customer success. On the other hand, you can quickly create any illustrations and maps using professional tools like MindOnMap. It has many capabilities to bring out the best in your maps or diagrams.

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