Easy Guide About How to Conduct a Kaizen and How Does It Work

Have you ever wanted to improve how things work, but it felt too overwhelming? Well, that's where Kaizen comes in! It is a powerful method that helps you improve by making small, continuous changes. In this easy guide, we'll explore what it is all about and how it works. After that, you’ll learn how to conduct a Kaizen, including its principles. We have also provided the ultimate platform to use for creating a diagram. By the end, you’ll see how the Kaizen approach will make a difference. So, keep reading!

How to Conduct Kaizen

Part 1. How Does Kaizen Work

Kaizen came from a Japanese word that means “improvement” or “good change”. Kaizen believes that everything can be improved and nothing stays the same. Hence, Kaizen is an approach based on continuous improvement. It usually starts with a small idea yet has ongoing positive changes. Then, it will result in significant improvements. Now, Kaizen works by focusing on making things better little by little, step by step. It also helps you by breaking down big problems into smaller and manageable parts.

Another essential thing about this approach is that it values everyone’s ideas. It encourages teamwork and listening to what everyone has to say. This way, everyone gets involved and feels like they're part of the solution. So, Kaizen is about making continuous, small improvements. Over time, these little changes build up and make things a whole lot better. People can use it, whether it's in a business, a project, or even in our daily lives.

Part 2. How to Conduct a Kaizen

By now, you’ve learned how Kaizen works. In this part, we’ll discuss the general process of how you should conduct a Kaizen. Afterward, get to know the best way to create a Kaizen diagram.

Step-by-Step Guide to Conduct a Kaizen


Gather a team.

First, you need to form a team. Gather the individuals who are familiar with the process and those affected by it. Their insights are valuable for generating ideas and solutions. So, involve them and ask for their help in identifying the problems.


Find and analyze problems.

Next, collect all the feedback from your team or employees. Then, list the problems and potential opportunities.


Create a solution.

Now that you have the problems, it’s time to create solutions. You can also motivate your team to offer some creative solutions. All their ideas will be taken into consideration. From the solutions presented, choose the best ones.


Evaluate the solution and implement it.

After that, test the solutions that you have gathered. Take some steps to check out the solutions provided. Then, implement them to see how well they work.


Assess the result.

Assess the impact of the solution and the changes. At different intervals, track the process. Finally, see and identify how successful the change has been.

To see the Kaizen cycle in a visual presentation, we’ll introduce the best diagram maker for you. Check out the tool below.

Best Diagram Maker for Kaizen Board Creating

If you’re in search of a reliable diagram maker, use MindOnMap. When you have tons of ideas and want to turn them into a visual presentation, you can depend on this tool. MindOnMap is a web-based platform that lets you make your desired charts. It is accessible on different browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, and so on. If you want to use it without opening a browser, you can download its app version. Besides, the tool provides various templates for you. It lets you create fishbone diagrams, flowcharts, organizational charts, and many more. Not only that, it offers several icons and elements that you can use to build your diagram.

Last but not least, it offers an easy-sharing feature. It allows you to share your diagram with your team. At the same time, your colleagues or teams will acquire ideas from your work. To know how the tool works for your Kaizen diagram, follow the guide below.


Firstly, launch your favorite web browser and visit the official page of MindOnMap. From there, you can select Free Download or Create Online. Click the option you prefer more.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download


In the New section, select the template that you want to use for the Kaizen diagram. You can select from MindMap, Org-Chart Map, Tree Map, Flowchart, etc. Here, we use the Flowchart option.

Choose a Layout for Kaizen

On the next interface, start creating your Kaizen visual presentation. From the left side, you’ll see the available shapes, icons, etc., you can use. While on the right part, you select the style or themes you want for your diagram.

Style your Diagram

When you’re done, you can now export your diagram. Navigate to the Export button and select output format from PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF. Then, the saving process will start. Optionally, you can let your colleagues view your diagram by clicking the Share button.

Save Your Work

And there you have it! That’s how you can create a diagram on MindOnMap with ease.

Part 3. Bonus: Principles of Kaizen

The Kaizen approach also follows several principles to make it work. Get to know the Kaizen core philosophies below:

◆ Let go of all the assumptions.

◆ Take initiative in problem-solving.

◆ Release perfectionism and adopt a mindset of gradual, adaptable change.

◆ Do not accept the current state of things.

◆ Seek solutions when you find issues.

◆ Establish an atmosphere where everyone feels empowered to participate.

◆ Gather insights and perspectives from various individuals.

◆ Use creativity to discover small, cost-effective enhancements.

◆ Persist in continuous improvement.

Part 4. FAQs About How to Conduct Kaizen

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a philosophy focused on continuous improvement through small, gradual changes. It involves making ongoing improvements in processes, products, or systems. That way, teams will enhance efficiency and quality.

How to apply Kaizen in daily life?

Apply Kaizen in daily life by setting small, achievable goals for personal improvement. Regularly assess areas for enhancement. Then, make small changes and track your progress. Embrace continuous learning and seek ways to optimize routines or habits.

How to apply Kaizen in the workplace?

You can also use Kaizen in the workplace. Do it by involving employees in identifying inefficiencies or areas for improvement. Encourage a culture of constant improvement by implementing small changes regularly. Use tools like brainstorming sessions and cross-functional teams to drive continuous improvement initiatives.


To sum it up, you’ve learned how to conduct Kaizen and how it works. You also know now that the main focus of Kaizen is to foster continuous improvement. Indeed, it’s a helpful approach to make things work, whether it’s for personal or business reasons. Apart from that, you have discovered the top-notch diagram maker. And that is the MindOnMap. The tool has provided everything you need to make a personalized diagram. Not only that, you can use it both online and offline! So, if you’re looking for a convenient tool, you can rely on it.

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