Improve Image Quality: How to Process With the Best Ways Online, Offline, and on iOS

You must know the logic that to increase image quality means to enhance its resolution. For your old photos, increasing the quality will also mean restoring the lost colors, textures, pixels, and other elements that your image needs. On this note, photo enhancement is more complex than we thought because your photo will become ruined instead of fixed by a simple error. But thanks to the advanced tools available in the market today, we can be confident that they will handle our photo files very well. However, how can we ensure that we ourselves will do our part well to meet the said expectations? Fortunately, this article will provide competent guidelines on improving photo quality using today's best online, desktop, and iPhone image editors. So come, let us all witness the absolute learning as you continue to read the content below.

Improve Images Quality

Part 1. How to Improve Image Quality Efficiently Online

Let's say you want to utilize an online tool to enhance the resolution of your photos, which is basically the fastest and most accessible solution. Then, there’s nothing deserving of your precious time other than the MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online. This tool lets you improve image quality online without requiring you to pay a dime, as its name suggests. Furthermore, it is a fantastic online solution that offers the easiest and smoothest navigation to produce enhanced photos. Yes, we say it is the easiest, for it only requires you to upscale the photo resolution up to 3000x3000px in just a few clicks. We are not exaggerating because this MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online is powered by AI technology, making it instantly work into highly qualitative outputs.

What’s more, this AI photo enhancer is one you can trust for your information and files. It is because it provides you with high security that safeguards your files and information. On top of that, unlike other free online tools out there, this amazing enhancer allows you to enjoy outputs without a watermark embedded in them. Thus, to see how to improve JPEG image quality online, see the steps provided below.


Prepare your computer and browser to visit this image enhancer's official product page. Note that it won’t require downloading anything just to use it.


By the moment you get onto its page, you can already choose the Magnification option you want for your output. Then, click the Upload Images button or drop your file at the center to import the photo you need to enhance.

Online Upload Photo Section

After picking the photo file, the tool will begin to process the photo enhancement. Quickly, you will be presented with the newly enhanced photo with a preview to see the difference from your original photo. To see how it improves JPEG or PNG image quality online, see for yourself the difference by moving your cursor to the output and comparing it to the original.

Online Compare Photos

You may end the session or procedure this time by clicking the Save tab. Then, clicking the said tab will make you also download the image file to your computer.

Online Save Photo

Part 2. Guidelines on How to Increase Image Quality on iPhone

Now, if you want to know how to improve the quality of a photo on an iPhone, we won’t let this post slide without providing you with the solution. Don’t worry; we won’t let you install a new app for this task. Because just following the guidelines that you must do on your camera settings will enable you to capture high-quality images at hand. Thus, without further adieu, let’s proceed to the basic steps that you can follow below.


On your iPhone's Settings app, tap your Apple ID and tap to open the iCloud option. Then scroll to find the Photos option to enable or activate iCloud Photos, and tap the Download and Keep Originals option. Please ensure that your photos are saved to your photo app by this time.


Now to improve picture quality, you need to tap the Camera selection after going back to the main page of the setting. After that, tap to enable the Auto HDR feature, then tap the Formats option.


After tapping the Formats option, tap the High-Efficiency selection, which is located under the Formats setting to activate it.

iPhone Improve Photo

Part 3. How to Improve the Quality of Images with Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best when it comes to photo editing. Furthermore, it is funny and, at the same time, amazing how this software brought its name so big that almost all professionals know. With this being said, many professionals have indulged in Photoshop's various editing features, especially its image-upscaling function. With this tool, you can upscale your photo up to 200 percent higher, while you can also manually customize the resolution, width, height, and dimension of the file. However, not all can afford the procedure and its price, but if these two are not an issue for you, please learn how to improve image quality in Photoshop.


First and foremost, install the software on your PC and launch it. Then, upload the photo file you need to enhance. Afterward, click the Edit tab and followed by hitting the Preferences option. Then, scroll down to pick the Technology Previews selection.


Now set your eyes on the Enable Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale box and tick it to enable it. This box is located under the Technology Previews section. Afterward, hit the OK button and proceed to the actual photo enhancement.


This time, hit the Image tab and choose the Image Size menu. This act will bring you the mage resizer adjustment settings. Then, adjust the Width, Height, Resolution, and Dimensions to increase image quality. Also, tick the Resample box, and change it to Preserve details 2.0 from the Automatic option. Then, again hit the OK tab.

Photoshop Enhance Photo

Part 4. FAQs about Image Quality Improvement

How long should I wait to upscale a photo?

The process of upscaling a photo depends on the tool that you use. If you want to experience a rapid upscaling process, use an online tool like MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online.

What is the best photo resolution to post online?

All social media platforms have their standard on photo and video resolution. We recommend you learn each standard to know the best resolution to post.

Can WhatsApp change photo resolution on iPhone?

Yes. WhatsApp can reduce the resolution of your photo since it automatically compresses the files.

Can I improve the quality of my photo while maintaining its size?

No. Improving the quality will require you to increase the pixels and other elements of the photo. This means that the photo will also increase in size.


You can now improve image quality without searching for the best solutions. This article has given you comprehensive guidelines to follow. Thus, use each guide to have an effective process for enhancing your photos. And, of course, we encourage you to use MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online, for it is the most reliable among the tools here.

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