How to Increase Resolution of Image Using the Four Anticipated Image-Upscaling Tools Online and Offline

Upscaling an image has become an intelligent action to make your photo look great! However, we must acknowledge that many still use left-behind cameras, even with how advanced our technology is today. Many cannot afford to acquire highly standardized camera phones. Or it is that not all people see the need to acquire one since they have more important things to prioritize. Whatever the reason, there is one thing that we are sure about, many still prefer or, should we say, are willing to increase their image quality. Therefore, how to increase photo resolution even better? Hence, we have prepared guidelines for better image upscaling and the best tools.

By the end of this article, you will have two best solutions for online and another two for your offline preference. Therefore, without further adieu, let’s get this exciting presentation started. And please enjoy grasping the magnificent information and guidelines that these tools have.

Increase Resolution of Image

Part 1. How to Increase Image Resolution with the Two Most Anticipated Online Tools

1. MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online

MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online is an admirable tool to convert low-resolution images to high-resolution online for free. You will be surprised that, like the other online tools, you can access this most anticipated image upscaling program with all kinds of browsers. On top of that, you will be surely impressed at how smooth the procedure is, that despite being a free tool, MindOnMap won’t let you see any ads on its page. Not to mention the three easy steps that you only need to comply with to produce your expected quality output. Furthermore, MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online has a very straightforward interface that even an elementary student could understand.

Meanwhile, when it comes to upscaling, MindOnMap allows you to upscale your photo up to 3000x2400 px. It can enlarge your file size from 2x, 4x, 6x, and even 8x the original size while utilizing its AI-powered technology! Using this photo editor, we bet you will be thrilled with its unique functions and other products offered by this program.

How to Make a Picture Higher Resolution with MindOnMap


Explore Its Homepage

First and foremost, launch your browser, and go to your URL search tab. Then, type in Once you reach the homepage, click the three lines located in the top right corner and choose the Products option. Now, hit the arrow drop-down symbol and select the Free Image Upscaler from the choices under the Image Tool.

Mind Product Page

Upload a Photo

Now that you are on the chosen product page, prepare the photo you need to upscale as you upload it. Click the Upload Images tab from the page, and choose the photo from your local drive. Please note that you can also drag the photo file from your gallery and simply drop it on the interface to upload it.

Mind Upload Photo

Enhance the Low Pixel Picture

While the photo is still uploading, the tool is already working on the enhancement of the picture. So, once it has been uploaded, your file is already enhanced, as you will see the difference via preview. Nevertheless, you can scrutinize the setting or the specific magnification and choose if you want to enlarge your file.

Mind Magnify Photo

Save the Output

As simple as that, you can now click the Save button to download your newly enhanced image. Please note that this saving process will let you download the photo. After that, check your file gallery for your downloaded image.

Mind Save Photo

2. Fotor

Another anticipated tool that can convert low-resolution images to high-resolution online for free is this Fotor. This online program is infused with advanced photo dieting features that tag along with other functions that can manage the size, color, brightness, and image background. Yes, Fotor is a free tool as long as you use its free trial version but unfortunately comes with a limited time. Thus, if you want to know the photo enhancement process using Fotor, see the steps below.


Initially, browse the tool’s product page, and register an account for you to start. Once done, click the Open Image button to browse and upload the photo you need to enhance.

Fotor Upload Photo

So, this is how to restore low-resolution photos in Fotor. Once the photo is in, the tool will enable you to navigate to its user interface. From there, hit the 1-Tap Enhance button from the options on the left side. Also, hit the Super Resolution Enlarger tool for a much better enhancement.

Fotor Enhance Download Photo

After that, click the Download button to save and export your enhanced photo.

Part 2. How to Upgrade Photo Resolution in Two Desktop Programs

1. Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to professional photo editing schemes, Adobe Photoshop is indeed one of the best worldwide. No wonder many people desire to use and familiarize it since it has everything that an image editor would look after. However, as many want to have it, some still prefer to avoid acquiring it. Why? It is because of its price. Another thing that this tool could improve is its photo editing process. Using it has given others a not-so-easy procedure, as many think, for it has a challenging-look interface for beginners. Still, many professionals make this software their best solution because of its numerous enhancing tools. It has features such as an image resizer, wherein you can enlarge your image up to 200% higher than its original size. On top of that, it also offers many unique kits that are also applicable to your video files. Amazing, isn’t it? Hence, let’s now have simplified guidelines on how to increase the resolution of images in Photoshop by looking at the following content below.


First and foremost, you must have this Photoshop installed on your desktop computer. If so, launch this software and upload the photo you want to improve. After that, hover over to the Edit tab and hit the Preferences option. Now, scroll your mouse down from the Preferences option and pick the Technology Previews selection.


After this, set your eyes on the interface’s right side and toggle the Enable Preserve Details 2.0 Upscale box under the Technology Previews section. Then, to apply the modifications, click the OK button after.

Photoshop Preference Option

Following the previous step, the actual low-resolution image fixation. To begin with, hit the Image section and pick the Image Size menu to bring out the mage resizer settings. Then, navigate the Width, Dimensions, and Height of the photo according to your need. Then, tick the Resample box, and change it to Preserve details 2.0 from the Automatic selection. Now don’t forget to click the OK button and save the newly enhanced photo.

Photoshop Enhance Option

2. Lightroom

Another software that deserves to be utilized offline is Lightroom. It is another tool owned by Adobe Photoshop that comes with an image upscaling feature. As a matter of fact, this software can upscale photos into a seamlessly high output using its Super Resolution function. On top of that, it supports many different image formats, such as TIFF, PNG, DNG, and JPG. Therefore here are the steps on how to edit photos in clarity by using Lightroom.


Launch Lightroom on your desktop and open your photo with it.


Now right-click on the photo and choose the Enhance option.


After that, hit the Super Resolution option and hit the Enhance button.

Lightroom Enhance Photo

Part 3. FAQs about Increasing Image Resolution

Does increasing image resolution mean making it bigger?

Yes. Increasing the image resolution will automatically mean that you are increasing the file size. It is because you are adding elements to the photo.

What is the best resolution level for an image?

It depends on where the image will be used. Thus, the best resolution is 300 pixels per inch.

Why did my photo convert to another format after upscaling?

There are upscaling image tools that only support one or single image output format. Therefore, if you use this kind of tool, you won’t have a choice but to have the same format that it produces.


We have just shown and taught you how to increase the image resolution with the two platforms. You can now do your task in photo enhancement anyhow you wish. If you afford to have Adobe’s two excellent tools, then use them. However, if you want a simple and affordable tool, then go for the online tools, especially MindOnMap Free Image Upscaler Online.

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