Learn What is 4M Root Cause Analysis Element and Know How to Use and Create One

Throwing ourselves into the world of business comes with a huge responsibility. Business people must focus on improving and developing the process of production. The growth of specific tactics and services of a company has a vital role and significant contributions to make the profit grow. That is why the people who incorporate the world must require proper research about what they need to do to make it possible. In line with that, this article can help you with possible methods in building a solid production in your business. Join us to discuss the definition and purpose of 4M root cause analysis and its example. Let us dig deep into what ability it can offer that we can use in improving our business. In addition, we will know the great tool that we can use in creating a 4M analysis method. Without further ado, buckle up and see the possibility of making your business better.

4M Method

Part 1: What is 4M?

What is 4M

The 4M is a method to identify the cause behind the specific effects. The Method possesses four categories, and it is also what the name of the Method stands for– material, method, machine, and man. These categories are the elements that build the Method. These are the essential recipes that we need to analyze and research because they contribute to achieving our goal. As we give you a little background to this Method, the idea of using the 4M is from Kaoro Ishikawa. The methods are an excellent intermediate that can help everyone analyze a particular problem through the four elements. Thus, many personnel in the marketing field are stealing this for their grinds.

On the other hand, a 4M analysis is a great help to solve a particular problem. It is applicable even outside. Please look below as we explain the four elements in a 4M method approach.


Material is the element that talks about the tangible thing we need to use to achieve our goal or give a solution to the problem.


The Method is the tactics on how we can utilize the materials to contribute to improving, solving, and achieving the goal for our grind.


The Machine is a bit similar to the material. However, these are bigger and much more useful than material. In some aspects, other machines can be the producer of material that we will use.


Man can utilize all of this material and machines and make all the methods possible. .

Part 2: How to Use 4M Analysis?

A 4M analysis is essential for numerous persons, especially marketing and business production. Every piece of information regarding our grind is a crucial element we can address in utilizing a 4M method. As we make it more comprehensive, using techniques such as 4M must come first by knowing the details and the goal of your work. For instance, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the company is a significant step to make. Another thing we need to remember in using a 4M method is the kind of production and the nature of our company. For this information, using a 4M is about improving a specific problem even outside a corporate world or any aspect.

Part 3: Examples of 4Ms

This part will see the different kinds of 4M methods. A few of these examples are the 4M’s Operation Management, 4M’s Quality Management, and 4M’s continuous Skill Development.

◆ 4M’s Operation Management focuses on knowing the details between the management of our operations. It is a helpful way to improve how we produce products and services.

◆ 4M’s Quality Management is a process where we dig deep into the quality of our management.

◆ 4M’s continuous Skill Development tackles essential elements in the corporate world, constantly learning and acquiring new skills. This example of 4M is an excellent method to ensure that the development of skills within the company is continuous and unstoppable.

Part 4: How to Mind Map with 4M

Proceeding to the next part of the article, we can see the great tool that we can use to make a 4M analysis method. If you want to create a 4M, you must know what a MindOnMap essence is with 4m. It is an online tool with different functions for making other maps, such as a 4m analysis. It possesses different functions, such as using different colors, fonts, shapes, elements on a map to make it more presentable and looks professional. It is a free tool that anyone can access and utilize without complication. For that, we shall now present to you the instructions we can follow in making a 4M method map.


Go to the website of MindOnMap to see its full features. In the middle, click the Create Online or Free Download.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Get MIndOnMap

After that, select the New tab and locate the Fishbone from the functions templates.

MindOnMap New Fishbone

In the middle of the web page, you can see the Main Node. Click it and go to the Add Node at the top portion of the website.

MindOnMap Main Node

Add four Nodes that will serve as the Materials, Methods, Machine, and Man.

MindOnMap Add Nodes

From the nodes, you may now add Sub Nodes as elements under your nodes. You may now elaborate on the nodes for a more comprehensive map in this step.

MindOnMap Add Sub Nodes

The next step is finalizing the information with your map. You may also change the color of each element by clicking the Stye on the right side.

MindOnMap Change Theme

Click the Export button on the top side, then choose the format you want for your map.

MindOnMap Export Button

Part 5: FAQs about 4M Analysis Method

What is a measurement in the fishbone diagram?

The measurement of the fishbone diagram aims to know the reasons behind the flaws, issues, and problems. It is helping us establish failsafe figures. It is essential to avoid the issues that can hinder us in making our company better.

What is the difference between the machine and materials in the 4M method root cause analysis?

Materials are tangible things often. However, it can also be quality and consumable with a specific organization. On the other hand, the Machines are the equipment that manages the process to flow and produce products as quickly as possible.

Is 6M analysis and 4M analysis the same as 4M analysis?

6M analysis and 4M analysis are about similar to each other. However, 6M is broader than the 4M method to differentiate them. 6M analysis can discuss the pattern of ideas about a particular group. Yet, the 4M analysis only focuses on man-money material management.


As we put it to the conclusion, we can see how these different elements operate to give the specific groups or companies to make it better. In addition, we can now see how 4M analysis can be an essential method that we can use in making it possible. That is why share it if you know someone who needs it to help many people improve their production. And we recommend an easy-to-use tool - MindOnMap.

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