Comprehensive Guidelines on How to Create Organizational Charts in Excel

Before you create an org chart in Excel, you must have enough knowledge about what you are making first. An organizational chart is not only a roundabout chart of employees or members in your organization, but it is more than that. In an organizational chart, it is not just the name and role of the members but also their chain of command and complex relationships in the company. In addition, if you want to see an overview of the organization or department’s structure, then you must see its organizational chart. Suppose you don’t know and therefore ask who the people in charge of making the organizational chart are. For this case, you should know that it is the HRs duty.

Thus, to answer your question about how to do an org chart in Excel, here are the two methods you need to consider following. Note that the following tutorials apply to the desktop version of Microsoft Excel, so it would be great if you already have the program on your computer.

Create Org Chart in Excel

Part 1. How to Do an Org Chart in Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the best office suites of Microsoft. While this leading spreadsheet program helps you with data visualization and analysis, it is also a suitable device for creating charts, diagrams, and even mind maps. Excel, as well as the other suites of Microsoft, is infused with a SmartArt feature that allows users to create illustrational charts easily. Meanwhile, Excel itself can also assist you in making charts without using the said feature. It is because it comes with fantastic elements such as shapes, pictures, and 3D models that mean a lot in creating charts.

Thus, to answer your question about how to do an org chart in Excel, here are the two methods that you need to consider following. Note that the following tutorials apply to the desktop version of Microsoft Excel, so it would be great if you already have the program on your computer device.

Method 1. Create an Org Chart Using SmartArt


Launch this Org chart maker on your computer device and open a blank sheet. Once you reach the spreadsheet interface, go for the Insert tab and other ribbon tabs on the top. Then, click the Illustrations selection and find the SmartArt feature there.

Smart Art Selection

Now it’s time to choose your template. Once you see the window for the SmartArt feature, click on the Hierarchy option. Then, select the template you desire to build an org chart here in Excel on the right side. After that, click the OK button to bring the template to the spreadsheet. Please remember that choosing a layout should fit the number of members you will include on the organizational chart.

Template Selection MM

Start labeling the boxes. Now that the template is in, you may start labeling the boxes or what we call nodes for the hierarchy of the chart. Start with the top node, which should be filled with the information of the head of the organization. Then proceed to the middle part for the succeeding members until you reach the bottom.

Label Chart

This time, have time to customize the org chart. To do so, right-click the chart to open the editing tools. From there, you can change the chart's style, layout, and color. After that, save the chart anytime you want by clicking File > Save.

Edit Chart

Method 1. Create an Org Chart in Excel Via Shapes


On the blank spreadsheet, click the File tab. Then, reach for the Illustrations and choose the Shapes among the selections.

Shapes Selection

You may start building the org chart manually by selecting shapes and arrows from the selection. The good thing here is that every time you add an element, you will also have the chance to edit it by your preferences. After that, you can now freely label the organizational chart and save it the usual way.

Customize Chart

Part 2. Best Alternative Org Chart Maker Online to Excel

If you want to use an online way, then building an org chart in Excel online is not as accessible as you think. For this reason, we present to you the most accessible, handy, and a hundred percent free org chart maker online, MindOnMap. Yes, it is a mind map maker, but it is also the best maker of charts, timelines, and diagrams. Furthermore, this fantastic program provides you with many selections in themes, templates, shapes, colors, icons, fonts, outlines, styles, and many more. In addition, it also lets you collaborate with your teammates, for it comes with a collaboration feature that enables you to share the chart in real-time. On top of that, it is a cloud-based program, which means you can keep your chart projects for a long time, unlike when you make an org chart in Excel.

Here’s more, unlike the other free online programs, MindOnMap doesn’t contain any ads. This means there is no way you would be bothered and therefore finish your projects on time. Not to mention its user-friendly interface, which you will surely enjoy without wondering if it will fit you since it fits all levels of users, even the first-time org chart makers. Thus, if this information thrills you, then you can now proceed to the full tutorial on how to use it.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

How to Create an Org Chart Using MinOnMap


Launch any of your browsers using any device you have, and visit Then, do the one-time free registration using your Gmail account.

Mind Login

Once you successfully log in, go to the New option. Then, choose the layout for org charts. Otherwise, you can also choose one among the recommended themes.

Mind Template Selection

Now on the main canvas, it will show you one node, which is the primary. You can now expand it by pressing the Enter key to add nodes and the Tab key to add sub-nodes. Then, start labeling your nodes with the corresponding information.

Mind Add Node

Customize your organizational map by accessing the Menu option on the side. You can apply a backdrop, node color, style, and more here. Also, you can freely access the other ribbon tabs at the top to add other components to your chart. Otherwise, hit the Export selection to download your org chart quickly.

Customize Download Chart

If you want a professional way of creating an org chart using MindOnMap, then you can use its Flowchart function. Follow the steps below to reach this function.


After logging in, go directly to the My Flowchart option. Then, hit the New tab to get started.

Flowchart New

Once you reach the main canvas, you can start working on the org chart already. First, you may want to select the best Theme for your chart among the multiple options on the right. Then, begin by adding some elements to the canvas to build your chart.


Finally, hit the Save icon on the upper right corner of the screen to download your chart.

Flowchart Making Saving

Part 3. FAQs about Creating Org Charts

Can I convert Excel to a PowerPoint org chart?

Yes, if you are using the Excel add-in. This add-in will enable you to export your org chart in PPT. You also can use PowerPoint to make org charts.

Can I export my org chart in JPEG using Excel?

No. Excel doesn’t have an option to save the chart in JPEG. Therefore, if you want to produce a JPEG org chart, then use MindOnMap.

Can I create an org chart for free using Excel online?

Yes. Excel provides a free trial for you to create an org chart for free.


Undeniably the ways to make an organizational chart these days are more accessible and more diverse, whether you use an online app like MindOnMap or Excel. Who would have thought that you could create organizational charts in Excel? But we cannot deny that online tools like MindOnMap would be handy because they are loaded with many templates.

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