Ultimate Google Slides Org Chart Creation Tutorial with an Alternative

Google Slides is one of the free products offered by Google. It is the alternative to the PowerPoint application of Microsoft. It is an excellent edge that it is free and works online. Thus, users do not have to install or download anything on their devices. Primarily the program is developed for creating presentations online. Yet, it has another useful function. That is to create org charts.

You read it right. Google Slides users can also create an org chart. Sounds surprising? Let us prove it by outlining the steps to create an org chart in Google Slides below. Additionally, you will discover a great alternative for making illustrations, charts, and diagrams. Check these programs after the jump.

Google Slides Org Chart

Part 1. Walkthrough How to Make an Org Chart in Google Slides

Google Slides is solely created for creating and delivering presentations. It comes with all essential presentation needs, from creating slides, duplicate slides, skipping slides, applying a layout, transitions, and many more. Moreover, the tool enables you to format text, add charts, and insert multimedia. Over and above, the tool hosts several diagram templates. One of the templates is a hierarchy.

With the hierarchy diagram, you will be able to make an org chart using Google Slides. In addition, you can modify the levels from levels 3 to 5. Also, you can change the layout based on the ready-made templates along with the color you prefer for your Google Slides org chart. Here are the steps to make an org chart in Google Slides.


Browse the website’s page

To start, open your favorite browser and type in the name of the organizational chart maker on the address bar of your computer. Afterward, you should get to the main page. From here, tick the Blank option, which has a plus icon representing it.

Access Blank Slides

Access the main editor

Next, it will bring you to another page where you can edit slides or presentations. On the right side, you will see a list of themes for your presentation. You can choose any of them you prefer.

Select Themes

Insert a hierarchy diagram

To create an org chart in Google Slides, tick the Insert option on the top menu and select Diagram. Then, the diagram selection will appear on the right sidebar. From here, select hierarchy to create an organizational chart.

Select Hierarchy

Modify to your desired preference

Afterward, a list of recommended layouts will appear on the list. You can choose the appropriate levels and colors you prefer. Then, the recommended layouts will change accordingly. After that, choose your desired layout.

Modify Org Chart

Edit text

Now, you can edit the text by double-clicking on the text on each element. Next, add the necessary information for the org chart. While adding text, you can modify the font, color, or size consecutively. That is how to make an org chart in Google Slides.

Adding Text

Part 2. How to Make an Org Chart with Best Google Slides Alternative

If you are into a program dedicated to creating organizational charts, mind maps, treemaps, and other diagram-related tasks, look no further than MindOnMap. The program comes with a friendly user interface and keyboard shortcuts to make creating an organizational chart quick and easy. By the way, a program is an internet-based tool, meaning you can use the tool without downloading an application on your personal computer.

Moreover, the tools for editing or adding elements are organized into categories. In this way, it is convenient for every user when creating different illustrations, charts, and diagrams. Besides that, you can also use the program for making flowcharts with dedicated elements and figures for your flowchart needs. You can follow the steps beneath to learn how to make an org chart in Google Slides alternative.


Visit the program’s official website

First and foremost, launch your preferred browser and type in the name of the tool on the browser's address to visit the official website. Next, tick the Create Online button from the home page to create an org chart. A desktop version of MindOnMap is also offered for you, and you can click Free Download below to get it.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download


Select a layout

Next, you will arrive at the dashboard. Now, select Org Chart Map (Down) or Org Chart Map (Up), depending on your choice. Then, the program will bring you to the main editing panel.

Select the Layout

Add nodes and start creating org charts

You will see the Node button on the top menu to add nodes for the organizational chart. Tick on this button or press Tab. After adding nodes, double-click on the nodes and edit the text to add the needed information.

Add Node Text

Customize org chart

You can customize your org chart by going to the Style menu on the right sidebar. If necessary, insert pictures by clicking the Image button on the top menu.

Customize the Org Chart

Save project as document or image format

Lastly, hit the Export button at the top right corner. Then, a list of formats will appear. Now, select the format that is appropriate for your needs. That is how to make org charts in Google Slides alternative.

Export the Org Chart

Part 3. FAQs About Making a Google Slides Org Chart

Can I create an organizational chart in Microsoft PowerPoint?

It is possible to make an organizational chart in Microsoft PowerPoint. You can do it using the built-in shapes or SmartArt tool feature.

What is the purpose of an org chart in a business?

Organizational chart guides every employee in the company or organization. It helps to govern the company's workflow by laying out reporting relationships.

What is a functional structure in an organizational chart?

It is a type of business structure that helps organize a company into departments, depending on your expertise or areas of specialization.


There are many programs available for users to utilize in making an organizational chart. Yet, if you are into advanced tools, you will have to invest. On the other hand, there are free and great alternatives, like Google Slides. These programs can do more than what is required. On top of that, it is helpful to create a Google Slides org chart since you can present it directly. MindOnMap is your best option if you are eyeing a dedicated program. Not only does it allow you to create an org chart but also various kinds of diagrams and charts with so many features to offer.

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