Steps to Create an Org Chart in Google Docs [Detailed Guide]

In many companies, an org chart is seen and commonly used. It depicts the hierarchy of the individuals along with their roles, responsibilities, and social standing. The hierarchy starts from the highest at the top of the chart, and its downlines indicate lower positions. In addition, it is a way to inform others or new personnel in the company about who to talk to or deal with regarding a certain situation.

If you are a large organization, it can be quite a laborious task. Also, creating it manually by hand is inconvenient. Thankfully, Google Docs comes with a drawing tool that will help you make charts and diagrams. Here, we will show the steps to create an org chart in Google Docs. Additionally, you will learn about its great alternative, explicitly made for creating org charts, maps, and diagrams. Check them out below.

Google Docs Org Chart

Part 1. Guide How to Make an Org Chart in Google Docs

Google Docs can be used in making an organizational chart. It is an internet-based tool primarily created to process text from the web page. Therefore, you do not have to download Org chart creator on your device. On the other hand, it comes with a drawing tool to create illustrations or sketch different diagrams. The best part is that the program is free to use, and you only need a registered Google account to use the tool for free.

Furthermore, it offers symbols for shapes, arrows, callouts, and equations. You can basically make any illustration you want from the web page directly. Additionally, users may add images to their charts and diagrams. Without further ado, let us get into the process of how to do an org chart in Google Docs.


Browse the tool’s page

First, visit the program’s website using any browser on your computer. Simply type the name on the browser’s address bar to get to the main page.


Open a blank document

Once you get to the page, hit the plus icon under the Start a new document portion of the interface. Then, a new blank document will show up on the next page.

Open Blank Documents

Access the Drawing window

Now, tick the Insert button on the top menu and hover over the Drawing option. From here, select New, and the Drawing dialog box will appear.

Access Drawing Window

Create an org chart

Afterward, click the Shape button and add elements from the Shapes tab. For this task, we will add circle shapes to represent individuals in the organizational chart. Then, connect the elements by clicking the Line option. Hover your mouse to see the line points to the destination point of another element.

Add Elements

Add text to the org chart

Next, double-click on the shapes and add the necessary information. The customization options will also appear in the menu, allowing you to adjust the font size, size, and style.

Add Text

Customize the chart

Now, customize the chart by adjusting node color and size. You may do that by clicking on the element and the Fill color or dragging the sizing handles on the element's size. At last, hit the Save and Close button at the top right corner to finish the process. That is how to easy to create an org chart in Google Docs.

Org Chart Google Docs

Part 2. How to Make an Org Chart with the Best Google Docs Alternative

If you are looking for another free, easy-to-use, and convenient org chart-making program, MindOnMap is your best option. Likewise, it is an online program that offers essential functions and features for creating various charts and diagrams. It offers ready-made templates that are suitable for different kinds and types of diagrams and charts. Aside from that, the program is also prepopulated with several layouts, so you do not have to think and create from scratch. Indeed a convenient tool, especially if you are a first-time maker.

Over and above, you can add flavor to your charts by inserting icons, figures, and images. Additionally, the tool will enable you to share your work with others. Therefore, your colleagues and friends can view your work. Not to mention, the tool gives users the ability to export their projects to various formats. There are formats for documents and images. This feature makes the chart more usable and shareable, allowing you to insert an org chart in Google Docs. On the other hand, here is a complete set of steps on how to make a Google Docs org chart with an alternative tool.


Visit the program’s official website

First of all, access the tool’s official website. Simply open a browser and type in the program’s name on your browser’s address bar. Then, immediately access the tool by hitting the Create Online button. You also can get the desktop version by clicking the Free Download button.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Get MIndOnMap

Access the layout menu

On the next window, you will see a menu of layouts and themes recommended. Since we are making an organizational chart, we will pick the Org Chart Map layout.

Selecting Org Chart Layout

Add nodes to the chart

Next, add nodes by hitting the Node button on the above menu or selecting the main node and pressing Tab on your computer keyboard. Afterward, double-click on each node and key in the necessary information

Add Nodes

Customize your organizational chart

Access the Style menu on the right-sidebar menu. You can change the properties of the shapes, branches, and font. You can also browse through the theme to change the appearance of your organizational chart or change the background.

Customize Chart

Save the org chart

Finally, tick the Export button at the top right corner and select the appropriate format. That is how to make an org chart in Google Docs alternative.

Exporting Org Chart

Part 3. FAQs About Org Chart in Google Docs

What does a traditional organizational structure look like?

In a traditional org chart structure, the hierarchy level starts from the highest position, like CEO or founder, followed by the middle management. At the bottom are the lower-level ranks or workers.

What is a functional organizational structure?

In a functional organization structure chart, individuals are divided based on their skill set. Therefore, you will see different departments with their specializations or functions.

What are the forms of an organizational structure?

There are five forms of an organizational structure. You have divisional, matrix, team, network, and functional structures.


Organizational charts help achieve organizational goals. It helps the organization to get the job done in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Now, you do not have to do it manually because a Google Docs org chart can be created using the tutorial above. Meanwhile, if you are seeking a dedicated tool to make different charts and diagrams, MindOnMap is recommended for you.

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