Google Docs in Flowchart Making | Complete Guidelines to Follow

Drawing a flowchart in Google Docs is not that simple. As a matter of fact, there are things you need to consider before getting through it, such as having the specific email, drive, and tools. Having this said, if you are new to using this tool, this is the perfect moment to see and master its proper procedure to make an eloquent chart. As everyone, know it is important for a flowchart to look persuasive because this kind of chart demonstrates a sequence of the analysis in solving a problem. Aside from that, it is via a flowchart where people from all over the world with various fields show their course of action in a plan they need for their related business.

Therefore, if you are one of those who need to draw a flowchart in Google Docs, then see how this post helps you greatly!

Make Flowchart in Google Docs

Part 1. Complete Guidelines on How to Create and Share a Flowchart with Google Docs

If you are one of many people who seek to learn the right way to make a flowchart and make a collaboration with friends using Google Docs, then you must see the complete guidelines on how to create a Flowchart in Google Docs below.


Launch a Google Document

Go and open your Gmail account and access your Google Drive. Then, once you get on your drive, click the Plus icon, which says New, and then hit Google Docs selection.

New Google Doc

Set the Page to Landscape

When making charts, it is proper to use a landscape orientation of the page. So, to set yours, go to the File tab located along with ribbon selections, and hit Page Setup. Set your eyes on the Orientation setting and toggle Landscape on the new window, then hit the OK button to apply the changes.

Landscape Orientation

Launch the Drawing Tool

Going to the next step on how to create a flowchart in Google Docs, let’s now launch the diagraming tool. As mentioned previously, Google Docs has its default tools, same as its drawing tool, that we will be using to create the chart. Click Insert and put the pointer of your mouse to the Drawing selection, then choose New.

Drawing New

Start to Draw

Having yourself on the drawing interface, you may now start working on the flowchart. Hit the Shape icon at the top of the canvas, and choose from the shape and arrow selections. Click on your preferred style, then hover your mouse on the canvas to draw the shape.

Drawing Shape

Customize the Figures

Remember that you always have the wheel when you draw a flowchart in Google Docs. Therefore, customize the chart based on your preference. Click on the specific figure to modify the shapes, then navigate to the Color and Border icons to select the perfect hues. Also, to customize the Fonts, go to the TEXT settings.

Customize Figures

Save and Share the Flowchart

Click the Save and Close tab from the drawing canvas to transfer the chart to the document. If you want to share the document containing the chart, click the Share button. Subsequently, a window asking you to name the chart will appear. Create a name, then click Save. Now, to make the collaboration possible, add the people you want to see the document, or click the Copy Link button and send the Google Docs flowchart to your friends.

Share Google Doc

Part 2. Best Alternative to Google Docs: How to Make a Flowchart with MindOnMap

If by any chance you can’t use Google Docs, try the best flowchart maker online, the MindOnMap. Yes, it is a tool dedicated to mind mapping, but it is also the tool best for making diagrams and charts such as the flowchart. Furthermore, it obtains particular figures, stencils, and features that are committed to producing good charts. Don’t fret about it being an online tool because MindOnMap keeps maximum security on your information and files. Not to mention its ability to save tons of records of your flowcharts, because just like Google Docs, it is also a cloud-based tool that you can access anytime and anywhere, even with your mobile devices!

What else? It carries a user-friendly interface combined with a smooth procedure it gives to users. So, even if you are a neophyte, it will provide you with the same vibe as the professionals and be familiarized with the tool quickly. Therefore, to demonstrate how this excellent tool works, see the steps to use it below.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

How to Make a Flowchart with MindOnMap


By clicking the Login button on the right top corner of the interface, please register an account or sign in with your Gmail when you reach its official website.

Mind Log in MM

Now click the New tab and your chosen template to use in creating a flowchart. Unlike Google Docs, this tool offers ready-made templates that you can also use to make unique flowcharts. Here we chose a themed template and having on the main interface, let’s start customizing it.

Mind Template MM

First, you need to have the specific Connection Line Style to design the chart easily. Go to the Menu Bar, and click Style. Then, under the Branch, hit the Connection Line icon, and pick the one on the image below. Subsequently, position the figures based on the flow you need.

Mind Line

Start naming the figures now. If you want to add a Node, click ENTER from your keyboard. Then, if you're going to add a Sub-Node, click TAB. This time, if you want to apply a background color for the flowchart, unlike in Google Docs, go back to the Menu Bar and hit Theme, then choose among the choices from the Backdrop.

Mind Backdrop

Finally, save the chart on the cloud by putting a name on it in the left top corner of the flowchart creator, then hit CTRL+S. If you wish to print the flowchart, save it to your device in JPEG, Word, PDF, SVG, or PNG format when you click the Export button.

Mind Name Export

Part 3. FAQs about Google Docs and Flowcharts

Can I make a chart in Google Docs without the help of Drawing?

No. Google Docs has its stencils used for depicting illustrations in its Drawing tool. Without it, there is no way for you to draw.

Can I still edit the existing flowchart in Google Docs?

Yes. to do so, open the existing document where the flowchart is posted. Then, click flowchart, then select edit.

Why can’t I find the print tab on Google Docs?

The print option is located at the bottom-most selection in the File tab. If you still can’t find it, click the CTRL+P on your keyboard.


To conclude, Google Docs is, without a doubt, a flexible and accessible tool. However, for any reason, you may have in not using it, make the MindOnMap your choice. MindOnMap will let you unleash the creativity that hides in you while helping you craft the project you need to do!

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