Comprehensive Guidelines on How to Make a Concept Map on Google Doc

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The concept map is broader, for it is the graphical illustration of different kinds of learning that deal with complex issues. Furthermore, it has been a great help for the students, educators, people in business, or any professionals that need help to organize, conceive and conceptualize a solution to an issue or matter they are dealing with. Moving forward, creating a concept map won't be as compelling and persuasive if not done with good software. Therefore, as we help you with the steps on how to create a concept map in Google Docs, we will also introduce you to a much more excellent and more trustworthy way to make concept maps. These will follow as you continue reading below.

Make a Concept Map on Google Docs Detailedly

Part 1. Effective Guidelines in Creating a Concept Map in Google Docs

As part of the Google suite, Google Docs has proven its betterment compared to Word. It offers users almost all that Word provides, including the tools, formatting, stencils, and features for documenting and making graphics. Despite that, Google Docs allows this attribution to be enjoyed by users for free. However, the procedure on how to make a concept map on Google Docs won't assure your convenience, for it is pretty composite. On the other hand, we provide you with the most uncomplicated procedure with this program.


Reach the Google Docs

Open Google Docs on your Mac, Desktop, or any device that supports this program. To open the concept map creator, you need to bring your browser to the Google Drive of your Gmail account. Go to My Drive, then right-click your mouse to see the program.

Google Docs Concept

Open the Drawing Tool

To make the task easier, use the Drawing tool of this program. Click the Insert tab and choose to hit the Drawing, then the +New tab. A new window will appear, with a blank canvas, where stencils and presets are available.

Google Docs Concept File

Start Making the Concept Map

This is how to create a concept map in Google Docs. You have to start configuring the tools given by the window. Start with adding shapes and arrows on the concept map to represent your ideas and their connections. Then, label the elements you have added.

Google Docs Concept Label

Change the Hues

Concept maps are often created without images. However, you can still fill the elements with various colors to make a uniform concept map. To change the color, click on each node, then a section of stencils will appear, and from there, choose a color that will match the idea on the node.

google Docs Concept hue

Get the Concept Map in Google Docs

Finally, click the Save and Close tab to save it, and that's how you will bring the concept map you created to Google Docs. Then, you will notice that it has already kept the map on your Google Drive.

Google Concept Save

Part 2. An Incomparable Method in Making Concept Map

MindOnMap is the most trusted concept map maker on the web today. Unlike Google Docs, this amazing mind mapping tool creates maps, graphics, and diagrams with the most user-friendly interface. In addition, it enables users to freely share their concept map with their colleagues for collaboration purposes. Not just that, because this remarkable web tool, although it works online, has no Ads at all. For this reason, you will be able to enjoy a smooth concept mapping while enjoying the most straightforward illustration of its features and tools, which is very far from how you make a concept map on Google Docs.

What's more? MindOnMap is very flexible in producing outputs using various formats. Imagine, you can have your concept map in JPG, SVG, Word, PNG, and PDF format! You cannot fathom how great this mapping tool is. Therefore, let's see the detailed guidelines below in making a persuasive concept map in its smoothest way!

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download


Go to the Official Website

Visit your browser and go to MindOnMap's official site. Initially, create an account by just logging in using an email account when you click the Create Your Mind Map button.

Google Docs Concept Mind Map Login

Choose a Template

Unlike how Google Docs make the concept map, this amazing tool allows you to choose from many options. Just like on the next page, the moment to hit the New tab, you will be able to choose from the different styles and themes that you like for the concept map. Hence, for today, let's have the one with a theme.

Google Docs Concept Mind Map New

Start Making the Concept Map

On the main canvas, start adjusting nodes. If you want to add a node, click the TAB button on your keyboard. Since we chose a themed map, you will only be asked to align the existing nodes to get the formation you want for your concept map.

Google Docs Concept Mind Map Align

Customize the Concept Map

Like how Google Docs creates a concept map, this tool gives you time to show your creativity by customizing your map. Beautify it using the stencils such as colors, icons, shapes, and more. But before that, please name or label the nodes with the details you need on your concept map. Then, follow the additional tips below to beautify it.

4.1. To add icons, click each node and go to the Menu Bar located on the right side of the screen. From there, choose the Icon, and select from the options given.

Google Docs Concept Mind Map Icon

4.2. Try to put a background as well. On the Menu Bar, go to the Theme, then choose the Backdrop. From there, select the most applicable background for your concept map.

Google Docs Concept Mind Map Background

Save Your Concept Map

Finally, save the concept map by clicking CTRL + S. Otherwise, if you want to keep the map on your device, click the Export button, then choose from the formats you like. After that, it will immediately download your concept map. Besides, you can make a concept map in Word.

Google Docs Concept Mind Map Background

Part 3. FAQs About Concept Map and Google Docs

How to create a concept map in Google Docs without using the Drawing tool?

You should do a concept map, diagram, or even a timeline in Google Docs with the help of its Drawing tool. It is because this Drawing tool is the only way for the users to insert shapes, arrows, and other elements needed on the maps.

Are the flowchart, graphic organizers, table, and Venn diagrams considered concept maps?

Yes. A Concept map is an illustration of a context that can be showcased using a Venn diagram, table, flowcharts, and more.

How does the concept map help the people in business?

A concept map can help people in business understand and conceptualize how the business will succeed.


This article gave comprehensive steps on how to make a concept map on Google Docs. You have seen the advantages and disadvantages of using this program by the steps alone. Hence, we gave you the most reliable and efficient concept map maker, the MindOnMap. We hope that you will find it unique because it really does.

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