Full Guidelines on How to Make a Timeline on Google Docs Efficiently

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An illustration of a chronological arrangement of schedule is what a timeline is. If you want to know how to make a timeline on Google Docs, then this article is for you! Going back, having a timeline has been very crucial in the lives of professionals nowadays. It is because this timeline serves as their planner, organizer, and a reminder of their hectic schedule for them to maintain their productivity and efficiency with their commitments. In addition, this timeline depicts a person's biographies and past events that make it look like a journal but in a different attack. Therefore, creating a timeline would make it easier depending on the medium you will use. A tool that as much as possible will allow you to be more creative.

Henceforth, we will give you what you are aiming for, which is the proper way to create a timeline on Google Docs, but at the same time, we will suggest a much more convenient and creative way to do so. All of those you will learn when you continue reading below.

Make a Timeline on Google Docs

Part 1. Procedures on How to Use the Google Docs in Creating Timeline

Google Docs is a part of the different free suites of Google online. This free suite requires a Gmail account with a Google drive for them to use it. Furthermore, it is usually by the help of the Drawing feature of Google Docs that it creates timelines, graphics, diagrams, and maps. On the other hand, as it seems to be a good tool, we cannot deny the inconvenience of using the Drawing despite its usefulness. Yes, this timeline creator is not that convenient to use, unlike the other tools that are intended to make timelines. How? See the given guidelines below to find out.


Launch the Google Docs

Go to your Google Drive and reach the docs. On the blank document, click the File tab, then choose the Page Setup. Then, under the Orientation section, toggle the Landscape button, and hit OK afterward.

Google Docs Timeline File

Launch the Drawing Tool

Now, this is how to create a timeline in Google Docs. Go to the Insert tab and select the Drawing, then the +New. It will lead you to the Drawing window with a blank canvas, where you will find various stencils that you can use in creating the timeline.

Google Docs Timeline Drawing

Start Making the Timeline

Begin navigating on the stencils and preset in the drawing tool. Choose among the shapes or the arrows you want to include in your timeline, paste the element on the canvas, then configure them on your preference.

Google Docs Timeline Elements

Save the Timeline

Now hit the Save and Close button to keep your timeline. After that, you will see that your timeline is posted on Google Docs, and that's how to get the timeline in Google Docs. Apart from that, you also can make a mind map on Google Docs.

Part 2. A Much Convenient and Creative Way to Make Timeline

Fortunately, we know a mapping tool that will give you a much more convenient and creative way to create a timeline. Furthermore, this online tool will also give you the most exciting and unique features, stencils, and tools, all for free. Are you excited now? Let's talk more about this phenomenal web-based software, the MindOnMap. Yes, it isnow phenomenal due to the excellent outputs produced using its super-easy navigation, which even a kinder can configure. Imagine you can create a creative timeline in just a few minutes!

Not to mention its ability to produce files in a different format. In addition, unlike how Google Docs creates a timeline, you have a choice to keep your timeline on your device with JPG, PDF, PNG, SVG, and Word format! So, without further adieu, let's see the detailed steps in creating a timeline and at the same time making it the most creative one for you!

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download


Browse the Website

Launch your browser and go to MindOnMap's official website. Make an account by just signing in using your email account. How? Click the Create Your Mind Map button, and start doing the guideline.

Google Docs Timeline Mind Map Login

Select a Template

Contrasting with how Google Docs make a mind map timeline, MindOnMap will allow you to get many options to choose from. Therefore, on the next page, go to the New tab and be able to select among the various themes and styles that you want for your timeline. But for today, let's choose the Fishbone style.

Google Docs Timeline Mind Map New

Start Making the Timeline

Put your cursor on the Main Node on the main canvas, then start adding nodes by pressing the TAB button from your keyboard. Please continue to do it until you reach the number of nodes you desire. Then, begin labeling the nodes for the detail included in the timeline.

google Docs Timeline Mind Map Label

Add Creative Elements

Now, showcase your creativity by bringing up images, background, icons, colors, and more to your timeline. Click on the Menu Bar and choose the Style to modify the nodes' color. After that, click the node, then select among the thousand color choices.

Google Docs Timeline Mind Map Color

4.1. To add images, click each node again and click the Image tab located at the top of the screen. Then, click Insert Image. It will enable you to upload an image from your device. It is a much more convenient way than how Google Docs insert a photo on the timeline you create.

Google Docs Timeline Mind Map Image

4.2. To change the background, please revisit the Menu Bar, then on the Theme, go to the Backdrop and choose among the beautiful backgrounds.

Google Docs Timeline Mind Map Background

Export the Timeline

At last, you can now save the timeline and export it by clicking the Export button. Then, choose among the formats you would like to have. After that, you will see your project quickly being downloaded.

Google Docs Timeline Mind Map Export

Part 3. FAQs Regarding Timeline and Google Docs

Is Google Docs expensive?

No. Google Docs is a gratis tool that’s part of the Google family. For this reason, you don’t need to spend any amount just to use it.

How to get a timeline on Google Docs to keep on my Mac?

if you want to export the timeline you made on Google Docs, download it from your google drive by right-clicking the docs, then choosing the download button.

What is a roadmap timeline?

A roadmap timeline illustrates the life cycle of a business. Through this kind of timeline, the company will be able to track the ups and downs of its marketing strategy.


There you go, the full guidelines in creating a timeline using Google Docs and the notable mind mapping tool on the web today. It is true that Google Docs can successfully do the task. But, if you want an original timeline maker, use the MindOnMap!

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