Mind Map Timeline: Recognizing its Elements and Steps in Making One

Many people tend to forget many things, including special events in their lives. That is why a timeline mind map is essential. And so, are you one of those people who doesn't have that super busy schedule but still forget events that make your family rage? Well, not anymore because after reading this article, you will learn how to organize and fix your schedule employing timeline making. This method is the most effective way to plot your plans and improve your current situation by looking at the history of events that have already occurred.

In addition, we will enlighten you on how this method benefits users in various ways. Moreover, making a timeline history through a mind map is a great way of checking personal tracks because it can also be used as a record of a person over or within a specific timeframe. Therefore, let us dig more about this method's meaning and procedure in making it.

Mind Map Timeline

Part 1. A Profound Meaning of Timeline

As mentioned a while ago, a timeline illustrates the chronological arrangement of the events. Furthermore, in a mind map timeline example, you will see the dates and occasion details that will help the owner track special situations during the event. In addition, critical dates such as the deadlines, goals, activities, and other important matters are shown in a timeline, which plays a significant role in achieving a perfect event over time. An excellent example of an ideal timeline is managing a project. Within the given time for the project, you will identify the specific date you will finish the project and the goals that need to be met within the particular date.

Another significant usage of a mind map with the timeline is by helping the students in studying history because it’s the main reason they created the timeline in the first place. Furthermore, it is a technique to help students grasp the social patterns of historical analysis and quickly identify subject matters.

What are the Benefits of a Timeline

1. Time Efficient - Using a timeline will make the person very efficient in time. This is also what we call time management. Timeline helps the person manage his time properly. Since he already has his plans and goals plotted at a particular time, he can now efficiently use his time for work and slack.

2. Boost Transmission - A mind map timeline can enhance the dissemination of plans or work. Moreover, it improves the communication and coordination of the team that through presenting the timetable, everyone in the team will be able to determine who will work to what.

3. Enhance Motivation - Surely, time goals or deadlines will boost motivation. A timetable will increase the adrenaline of the team members to work better and better. Through a presented timeline before them, they can be more focused and be goal-oriented in finishing their task assignment on time.

Part 2. Sample of Mind Map Timeline Templates

In making a timeline, you can use different mind map timeline templates to fit the kind of timeline you are making.

Chronology Timeline - This is the most popular timeline template since it shows the chronological arrangement of the event. Moreover, as it shows in the sample given below, it shows how the baby started growing up until he knew how to do his own thing.

Mind Map Timeline Chronology

Reception Timeline - Yes, this sample of the timeline is about a wedding reception. As you see on the sample below, it shows the program to do after the wedding ceremony, from the time it starts until the time it ends.

Mind Map Timeline Reception

Part 3. The Best Way to Make a Timeline Mind Map

MindOnMap is online software that creates a mind map timeline sophisticatedly. Furthermore, it improves the user’s ability to make different maps and diagrams until they become professional-like mind mappers. Through its very facile interface, powerful features, and beautiful presets, everyone falls in love with it, even for their first time using it. Unlike the other tools, MindOnMap will give you the most friendly canvas environment that will only take minutes for you to memorize. Imagine a free mind mapping tool that provides hotkeys or shortcut keys, tons of templates, themes, icons, colors, shapes, and fonts, all for your map’s beautification!

In addition, MindOnMap helps users to easily yet securely share their maps with their colleagues for collaboration. Printing your timeline mind map has been one of the easiest tasks this online tool does, not to mention the various formats you can use in producing your project map, like the JPG, SVG, PNG, PDF, and Word!

Bonus: Detailed Steps on How to Make a Timeline Map with MindOnMap


Visit the Official Page

Start by visiting its official website and logging in to your email account after clicking the Create Your Mind Map button. Don't worry because your email account is 100 percent secured.

Mind Map Timeline Mind Map Create

Choose a Template

On the next page, choose a template when you go to click New. Since we work on the mind map timeline example, let’s choose the Fishbone template.

Mind Map Timeline Mind Map New

Expand the Map

Expand the map by clicking the TAB key on your keyboard. Then, put a name for each node, and click the same button to add sub-nodes.

Mind Map Timeline Mind Map Node

Decorate the Timeline

Now it's time to add some radiance to your timeline since it’s a mind map.

Color the Map - To add a hue to the map, go to the Menu Bar. Start with the Theme and go to the Backdrop to choose a color for the background. The same goes for the nodes’ color, but this time click the Color beside the Backdrop.

Mind Map Timeline Mind Map Color

Add Images - You may add images or icons on the nodes of your mind map timeline. To add photos, click on the node, then go to the Insert > Image > Insert Image > Select File > OK. For the icons, go to the Menu Bar >Icon.

Mind Map Timeline Mind Map Image

Save the Timeline

It's time to rename your project by changing the Untitled into your map's name. Then, go and hit the Export button to save it from the timeline maker on your device. Don't forget to choose your desired format!

Mind Map Timeline Mind Map Export

Part 4. FAQs about Timeline Mind Map

Can I make a timeline on a paper?

Yes. You can make a timeline on a piece of paper, and so as a mind map. However, making a mind map timeline on paper would be more timely and cumbersome, not unless you have a heart for drawing.

Do social media sites use timelines?

Yes. Facebook uses timelines to show the user's history, including their images, videos, and posts.

What is the disadvantage of timeline map making?

The only disadvantage we see in making a timeline map is it's time-consuming. This is especially when you are making a timeline of history.


To wrap it up, making maps would be more interesting if you used a reliable and enjoyable mind mapping tool. Indeed, it's a time-consuming task, but then again, it's beneficial. Therefore, make your mind map timeline in the most creative way using MindOnMap. See and enjoy its excellent grafts now!

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