Argument Mapping: Everything You Need to Know About it

There are a lot of mapping techniques that you can use today, but why is this argument mapping one of the important ones? Nowadays, it is so easy for people to conclude the situation without even knowing it. Same with concluding about the article without reading it first. As a result, when they finally learned about it, they misinterpreted the content because of the pre conclusion they formed ahead of learning.

Studies say that this practice significantly impacts a person's reading comprehension, so educators urge the students to imply critical over lateral thinking. Also, it is more important for the learners “how to think” than “what to think.” Thus, argument mapping with critical thinking takes place.

Argument Mapping

Part 1. The Definition of Argument Mapping

As its name suggests, it is the method to show the rationale of matter. Furthermore, this map reveals the argument's unseen composition, displaying how to lift the support claim. In addition, in an argument map, all the reactions, evidence, and objections about the matter are present, for it is a kind of debate map. Argument mapping is undeniably challenging for learners, especially when dealing with complex issues. Still, it gives them lots of benefits, such as providing battled ideas, improving their reasoning skills, identifying problems, providing solutions, and developing new ideas.

Argument Sample

Part 2. The Reason Why Argument Mapping is Unique

Why then is this map for argument unique? How does it differ from the others? Well, all kinds of mapping have their own roles and usage. After all, they all follow the standard of mind mapping, but the argument map has a unique standard where even the connecting lines have meanings, and it comes with evidential or inferential, which shows the relationship between claims. Just like the mind map, the argument map also has the center subject that is often called the contention or the central argument of the map. Then, shown in a box-and-line layout, comes the reasoning, objection, evidence, etc.

Parts of the Argument Map

1. Contention - As mentioned previously, the contention is the primary or central map argument. It is the subject where the discussion expands.

2. Premises - These are the ideas for the main argument. Basically, they are the reasons for the contention.

3. Protests - This kind is where all the objections are presented. In other words, it shows disapproval through statements or actions. Also, it is being called the generator of the argument map.

4. Counter Arguments - These are the arguments opposing the protests. So expect that this part only shows antagonistic statements on the protest part.

5. Evidence - All the proofs supporting the protest, counterargument, and the premises are presented.

6. Conclusion - This is an optional part. But a powerful argument map should have a conclusion to show significant condensed findings.

Part 3. The Best Way to Create an Argument Map

There are lots of online or offline software that you can use in creating an argument map. However, if you want to make a more unique and creative map online, the MindOnMap is the key. This magnificent argument mapping online tool possesses the most straightforward interface in the line of mind mapping. Despite that, it still contains the most potent stencils and features that can produce persuasive yet eye-catching maps.

Do you want to collaborate with your classmates, friends, workmates while making an argument map? Well, MindOnMap allows you so. Aside from that, this tool enables you to add images, links, icons, colors, and text freely. Not to mention its ability to produce printable maps while keeping the copy safe and long-lasting in your account. All of its greatness can be experienced for free! So, what are we waiting for? Let us review the detailed steps below on how you can use it efficiently.

Free Download

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Free Download

Secure Download

How to Make an Argument Mapping Online


Access the Tool

Start browsing its official website, and click the Create Your Mind Map button. On the next window, don't hesitate to log in to your email account, for it has the safest procedure online.

Argument MindOnMap New

Create a New Project

On the next window, hit the New tab, followed by selecting a template you prefer. As you see, it offers themed layouts for you to have beautiful maps.

Argument MindOnMap New

Make the Map

Upon reaching the main canvas, start customizing the map. Please note that this online argument mapping tool helps users by providing Hotkeys for easier and quicker navigation. Anyway, go ahead and begin to label the nodes by imparting the map's parts.

Argument MindOnMap Hotkeys

Customize the Map

Let us now do the most exciting part in mapping, the customization. You can add images, links and change fonts, and colors on this tool. To do so, see the following.

4.1. Go to the menu bar and click Style to change the map's shape, color, and font style. Adjust them to your preferences by clicking the node first. We recommend you fill each part in the same color.

Argument MindOnMap Color

4.2. To make your shreds of evidence more powerful, add sources of links and images on each node. How? Just click on the node, then go to the ribbons of this argument mapping free software. There you will see that aside from the images and links, you can also add a summary and comments.

Argument MindOnMap insert

Map Collaboration

Share the map with your peers by sending them the link. To do so, click the Share button, then customize the primary security, and click Copy Link.

Argument MindOnMap Share

Map Collaboration

This tool can keep a copy of your map. However, if you want to obtain a copy on your device, you can click the Export button then choose a format to acquire. Quickly, it will download the file.

Argument MindOnMap Export

Part 4. FAQs Regarding Argument Mapping

How to create a mind map for an argumentative essay?

In making an argumentative essay, you must remember the following: Get the compelling subject, identify the arguments, provide pieces of evidence, and freely state your opinions and objections about it.

Is the argument map the same as the reasoning map?

No. As the argument map depicts objection arguments, the reasoning map is more on results, predictions, tests, and hypotheses.

Is the argument map beneficial to kinesthetic learners?

Studies show that an argument map is ineffective for kinesthetic learners. It is because its process is diverse from the ones of kinesthetic learning. In contrast, kinesthetic learning is more on physical activities or free-moving learning.


We expect that you already understand what argument mapping is by reaching this part. Indeed, it is challenging to make, especially when you need to create it alone. Thus, it can be an easy-peasy job with the help of MindOnMap. So use it now!

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