How to Create a Timeline in Google Slides [Easy and Quick Guidelines]

Indeed, you can create a timeline in Google Slides, and just like PowerPoint, this program for presentation can make a difference in depicting chronological events or timelines. Furthermore, for those who still don't know, a timeline is an illustration that helps the viewers understand views, events, and even history with their evolution and sequence. A timeline is like a storyteller, a plan maker, and a road map that aligns the time in a chain. Therefore, how will you represent it in such a program as Google Slides? Everything can be possible for a resourceful person like you, and having you here, reading this post, can be credited as a fortunate circumstance for you.

This is because you are about to master how to make a timeline on Google Slides, which is often expressed as a challenging job. From this time on, we are sure that making this kind of timeline, or even graphics and diagrams will be an easy task for you to do!

Make Timeline on Google Slides

Part 1. How to Use Google Slides in Making a Timeline

Google Slides is a program that is intentionally made for presentations. Unlike PowerPoint, this presentations program of Google does not require users to download any software, for it works directly online. This means you can use Google Slides to make a timeline without putting a piece of excess baggage on your computer device. It is free, wherein a user can simultaneously use it anytime. Therefore, let's see how this gratis web tool does the job without further adieu.


Launch the Google Slides

Initially, open the google slides on your desktop, and proceed to choose a blank presentation. Then, on the timeline creator's main interface, you will find various Themes on the right side. From there, choose what you think will fit your timeline best.

Timeline Google Slide New

Insert a Template

Now, to make the job easier, let's insert a timeline on Google Slides. Go to the Insert option, then select Diagram. After that, you will notice that it will present the choices of templates on the interface. From there, choose the Timeline option.

Timeline Google Slide Template

Choose Your Prefered Timeline

Once you are on the timeline options, initially adjust the Dates for the number of events you want to show in the illustration. However, please note that you can only have a maximum of 6 events on this tool. On the other hand, feel free to pick a hue when you click the Color tab.

Timeline Google Slide Color

Customize the Timeline

It's time to personalize your timeline by editing, moving, resizing, and changing it on your preferences. In addition, since a timeline can contain photos, you can also add photos to the timeline on Google Slides to make it lively. How? Go to Insert, select Image, then choose among the options where you will derive the image.

Timeline Google Slide Photo

Part 2. The Best Alternative to Google Slides in Making Timelines

Another online tool that will give you a more practical yet more effortless procedure for creating a timeline is the MindOnMap. It is a multi-purpose mind mapping tool that can turn your timeline into the most captivating chart in history! Unlike in Google Slides, you'll have a more straightforward interface in MindOnMap along with its smooth navigation when customizing the timeline. Imagine a non-presentation tool that can present events creatively in just a few minutes!

What's more, you will also love the features, presets, and stencils that this gratis mind mapping tool has. In addition, it can produce different formats for your timeline, same with Google Slides such as JPG, PNG, Word, PDF, and SVG. Want to know how this MindOnMap works? See the detailed steps below.


Sign in Using Your Email

On your browser, search and visit Then, click the Create Online button, sign in using your email account, and click Log in. Don't worry because this is safe as signing in to Google Slides. Or you can use its desktop version by selecting Free Download.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Timeline Google Minimap Login

Choose a Template

Once successfully logged in, click the New tab. Then, start the task by choosing a template. You can always choose the themed ones, depending on how you want your timeline to be presented. But today, let us choose the TreeMap style.

Timeline Google Mindmap Template

Start Creating the Timeline

Now, just as how you created a timeline in Google Slides, start customizing the timeline. How? Begin with expanding it by clicking the TAB button on your keyboard to add nodes for your events. Then, label them by putting text inside the boxes and freely move them to where you want to place them.

Timeline Google Mindmap Node

Customize the Timeline

Next, customize your timeline to make it look compelling. Try to add some illustrations like icons, images, colorful nodes, and a background. For the image, go to the Insert option on top of the timeline, click the Image, then Insert Image.

Timeline Google Slide Image

Option 1. Add Background - to add a background, access the Menu Bar. Then, choose the Background from the theme selection and click the color you want.

Timeline Google Mindmap Background

Option 2. Fill the Nodes with Color - this time, let's fill the nodes with colors to make distinctions. On the Menu Bar, move to the Style and access the Paint under the Shape selection.

Timeline Google Mindmap Style

Option 3. Make Distinctive Shapes - speaking of distinctions, why not also change the shapes of the nodes to make variations. On the same page, click the Shape icon next to the paint, click each node, and choose the perfect shape.

Timeline Google Mindmap Shape

Export the Timeline

Just like in Google Slides, the timeline will be saved automatically in your account. But, MindOnMap will enable you to quickly and easily save it on your device. Go to the Export button, located at the top of the Menu Bar, then choose the best format.

Timeline Google Mindmap Export

Part 3. FAQs About Google Slides and Making Timelines

Which is better, Google Slides or PowerPoint?

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to animations and templates, we must say that Google Slides has more substantial.

Is the timeline the same as the flowchart?

They both show chronological events, but still, both have differences. The flow chart shows more of the process of the event, and the timeline is more on the time of the event, and the circumstances within it happened.

Can I make a timeline in Google Slides without using a timeline template?

Yes. You can use the manual method in making a timeline using Google Docs. However, it won't be as easy as when you use a customized template.


The method shown in this article is the easiest and quickest way to make timelines in Google Slides. Although, you can use another method to bring a timeline from scratch without using a ready-made template. If you still find it laborious and confusing, then switch to MindOnMap! Because you've seen and learned how this mind mapping tool helps you provide a clear timeline smoothly in no time!

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