Guidelines on How to Create a Mind Map on Microsoft Word with Trouble-Free Features

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Are you looking for an easy-to-use mind mapping creator? Create your mind map in Microsoft Word. Using this software will undoubtedly enlighten your needs. Microsoft Word is the most well-known software for making your work easier and creating any document that you require for any purpose. There are also templates available to make the process even easier. Microsoft Word has several features that can be used. But we'll get through this quickly. Investigate this software further.

Make A Mind Map In Word

Part 1. Find Out How to Make a Mind Map in Word

Mind map in Microsoft Word makes it easy for users to create a presentable and creative mind map. Using this one of the most known software is easy because it has many features. Moreover, If you don't have any mind mapping software, Microsoft Word can also be used to make a simple mind map.

Here are the basic steps of making a mind map in Word.


Open the Blank Document

Before creating your mind map, you must start by clicking the New blank document tab.

Make A Mind Map In Word Open

Choose Your Desired Shapes

You can choose from the available shapes by clicking Shapes to open the menu. If you prefer circles, squares, or rectangles, present them with the main topic and subtopics and label them with a textbox.

Mind A Mind Map Word Shapes

Start Making Your Mind Map

You can now start making your mind map for the word template by putting your main topic in the center and connecting it with lines to help you understand your template.

Make a Mind Map In Word Start

Add Text To a Shape

You must consider including instructions on making a mind map in Word. Start entering text using a SmartArt design by clicking the filler text. Depending on how much text you put inside the shape, the shape and font will automatically adjust to fit. Moreover, to add text to a Shape, double-click the form and begin typing. You can also change the readers you've entered using the toolbox that appears when the desired shape is selected.

Mind A Mind Map Word Add Text

Format Your Template

After you finish your work, You can show off your creative mind map about yourself this time by adding colors to your mind map.

Mind A Mind Map Word Format

Part 2. How To Make a Mind Map Online?

It is not complicated to create a mind map online. It will be far easier for you to complete this task if you use the proper program. However, MindOnMap is one of the best mind mapping online software that will undoubtedly lighten your load.

When it comes to mind mapping tools, MindOnMap is the best ideal. One of the most popular online mind map tools for organizing and structuring information. It has a simple interface and many tools for creating a visual representation of your thought. Furthermore, you can create a personal mind map by noting the topic, subtopic, branches, locations, and connections.

In addition, MindOnMap is a versatile and expansive structure that can help you think. It can assist you in developing a structured design. Choose an appealing template design, and then incorporate your thoughts, research, and ideas into your composition. On MindOnMap, set a goal for yourself to gain a thorough understanding of your profession. This one-of-a-kind online tool is worth a shot. Here is a detailed instructional guide to help you create a mind map using MindOnMap, one of the best mind mapping tools.


Web Visitation

Before anything else, You need to acquire MindOnMap's official page. To proceed, click the Create Online tab, then sign up using your email address. Or you can click the Free Download button to get the desktop version.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Get MIndOnMap

Select your Desired Template

You can begin creating your Mind Map once you've created an account. Then, select which maps you want to use by clicking the New tab. (Organisational Chart, Left Map, Right Map, TreeMap, Fish Bone, MindMap) Moreover, if you want to make a quick, you can select the recommended theme.

Mind On Map Templates

Start Creating your Mind Map

After clicking on the template you have chosen, you will be directed to the main canvas then start creating your mind map. To start, navigate the ribbon above to make the mind map more precise and flexible. You can also add images and links to your mind map to make it more interesting.

Minsd On Map Start

Make It Presentable and Creative

To make your mind maps more presentable and creative, click the recommended themes, styles, and icons, then choose the options you want to use.

Mind On Map Be Creative

Share and Export Your Work

At last, you can now share the mind map by copying the link, and you can also export it to images, office documents, PDF, and other formats.

Mind On Map Share Export

Part 3. The Difference Between MindOnMap and Word

Both software allows us to create mind maps, but MindOnMap is the most user-friendly and ideal for visual representation. However, Microsoft Word is an available tool to create presentations, projects, etc. Still, it can be expensive, and some functions are not intuitive, unlike MindOnMap, free online software that you can make use of at any time and from anywhere. It has an easy-to-use interface and various features to quickly create your desired mind map. It has a sharing and export feature to save, share, and export it in Word and other formats.

Part 4. FAQs About Making Mind Map in Word

How to add a mind map in a word?

You can easily add or create a mind map in Microsoft Word by adding shapes and lines, or if you want a quick method, click the Insert tab then click the SmartArt button to select which templates you wish to use when creating a mind map. How to design a mind map on a word?

How to design a mind map on a word?

Originally, Microsoft was designed to make and edit documents. Well, apart from that, this program enables you to select the best design for your mind map using the SmartArt graphic feature of the tool. There are plenty of templates available for you to choose the right mind map layout. If you wish to modify your work, click the Design button choose your preferred colors or fonts.

Is there a mind map template in Microsoft Word?

Yes, open Microsoft Word, then click the New tab, and then type "mind map template" into the search bar. Remember that it is a free word mind map template, and then choose your preferred mind map templates.


There you have it. Those are the 2 practical methods to make a mind map. You’ve learned how to make a mind map in Word. Creating a mind map in both software is fast and easy. Now, you can express your creativity by using these tools. Looking closely, MindOnMap is a unique software for creating a powerful and effective mind map. Scrutinize MindOnMap's resources and get started right away on your ideas.

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