Lucidchart Review - Functionalities, Benefits, Advantages, and More

Jade MoralesJul 28, 2022Review

Diagramming programs like Lucidchart aim to build comprehensive and understandable diagrams from various information. Lucidchart is one of the programs known for providing excellent flowchart and mind mapping features. These are essential to generate diagrams for educational, personal, and business purposes.

There is more to this diagramming tool than meets the eye. We will have an in-depth overview of this program, including its pricing, pros and cons, features, and competition. In addition, you will learn about its alternative. Continue reading and familiarize yourself with Lucidchart.

Lucidchart Review
Jade Morales

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Part 1. Lucidchart Alternative: MindOnMap

Lucidchart is a diagramming tool that provides excellent flowchart and mind mapping features. The downside is you can only use it with limitations. Hence, people are looking for a Lucidchart-free alternative. You can rely on MindOnMap if you are looking for a completely free program with similar features to Lucidchart.

It has a large library of templates and themes to make stylish diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps. The highly-intuitive editing panel of the program allows users to get familiarized with its features and functionalities quickly. This program is a recommended Lucidchart alternative if you are a student who wants a free tool for making diagrams and flowcharts.

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Free Download

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Part 2. Lucidchart Review

Now, in this part of the post, you will learn about some of the essential aspects of the tool. Here you will have an overview of the program, Lucidchart pricing, merits, demerits, etc. Read below to have deep knowledge about the program.


What is Lucichart? Basically, Lucidchart is a diagramming program that is collaborative for organizations, businesses, and students. It comes with one of the crucial features of most diagramming software, where you can build diagrams from templates. Using this feature, generating comprehensive and stylish mind maps and flowcharts is possible. Apart from that, an app-integration capability allows you to incorporate other productivity tools your teams might be using. That may include Jira, GitHub, Confluence, Salesforce, etc. Surely, the app integration will boost and amplify your team's productivity.

Lucidchart Interface

Pros & Cons

For your perusal or scrutiny, we also prepared a list of merits and demerits of the Lucidchart app. Figure out if this program is for you by reading the pros and cons below.


  • Extensive collection of libraries and templates.
  • It offers a real-time collaboration feature.
  • Integrate with services and productivity apps.
  • It works with various online web browsers.
  • Highly-intuitive editing panel.


  • It does not have Windows and Mac app versions.
  • Lack of some essential template categories.

Lucidchart Pricing

How much does Lucidchart cost? Lucidchart comes with four tiers: Free, Individual, Team, and Enterprise. Here, we will have a look at each tier to scrutinize which plan is best for you.

Lucidchart has a Free account you can use forever. However, some limitations and restrictions apply to some of its features. On the other hand, you will get 100 templates and three editable documents. Also, essential integration and collaboration features are included in this tier. Yet, it is not possible to get automation and the ability to convert data into a chart using Lucidchart.

The Individual account will cost you $95.40 per year as a starting price. This tier has an unlimited number of editable documents. Also, you get to access 1000 templates and fundamental data. Plus, animations and collaboration features.

If you are working with a group of people or an organization, you may subscribe to Team accounts. The price starts at $11 per month but will only cost you $108 if paid annually. In other words, you choose whether to pay the subscription monthly or annually. All the Individual account features will be granted along with the advanced collaboration and integration features. On top of that, an additional feature is included, which is the admin controls.

With Enterprise plans, there is no definite pricing. The price can be negotiated with the company. This account lets you get what the Team can enjoy, plus advanced admin controls, data, automation, and collaboration features.

Lucidchart Vs. Visio Comparison

Microsoft Visio is one of the strongest competitors of Lucidchart. Many are having difficulties choosing which one is the best. Therefore, with a thorough scrutiny of these tools, we came up with a comparison of the important elements. See the Lucidchart vs. Visio comparison below.

Real-time collaboration feature

The collaboration feature is essential for teams to work on a project and boost creativity by working together remotely. With Lucidchart, collaborators can work together virtually and simultaneously. Besides, it comes with a @mention notifications feature to inform a specific user about some tasks. Moreover, you will see how many collaborators there are on a project with the collaborative cursors.

On the other hand, Visio allows the users to collaborate by viewing the document simultaneously. Users can't edit simultaneously in one project.

Smooth user experience for beginners

The entire interface of Lucidchart is beginner-friendly, allowing first-time users to get familiarized with the program quickly. It is simple, neat, clean, and intuitive. On the other hand, Visio offers various advanced tools for diagramming. The problem is that it can be difficult for most users to navigate the program.

App-integration capability

With Lucidchart, you can integrate programs like GitHub, Confluence, Atlassian, Slack, G Suite, etc. Visio offers just a few app integrations, unlike Lucidchart.

Program supported platforms

Since Lucidchart runs on the web, you can use the tool using any browser available on your Mac, Windows, and Linus operating systems. Visio can be used on your Mac and Windows PC. However, they do not have the same set of features. The Windows users can access the full version of Visio, while the Mac users can only use the online version.

Data Import/Export

When it comes to data import, Lucidchart is superior for easy transmission of data. Plus, you can export data from sources like CSV and Google Sheets. Furthermore, you can drag and drop an individual cell onto a blank canvas, and the tool will create a new shape. With Visio, you may also import data from external sources like Excel and CSV spreadsheets, SQL databases, etc. In short, Visio is best for professional and big organizations that need deeper import and export functions.

Part 3. How to Use Lucidchart

If you want to get started with Lucidchart, this section will teach you how to use Lucidchart with a step-by-step tutorial. Find out how to create diagrams below for written guidelines.


Visit the website and sign up for an account

First, open any browser on your computer and visit the website by typing the app’s link on the address bar of your computer. Sign up for an account or click the Log in button if you already have an existing account.

Sign Up Account

Open a new document

After that, you will arrive at the Dashboard panel of the program. Now, click the New button at the upper left portion of the interface. Then, select the Lucidchart document option followed by Blank Document. You can also create from the template.

Open Document

Add shapes and customize

Now, select and add the shapes you need. You may drag and drop the shapes from its library. Keep doing it until you get all the shapes you need for creating a diagram. You may customize the properties of the shapes using the tools above the interface. After that, add text by double-clicking on the shapes. Then, key in the text you wish to input.

Add Shapes

Save the diagram

You may let others edit your work by clicking the Share button at the top right corner of the interface. To save the diagram, click on the File menu, hover the mouse cursor to the Export option and select an appropriate file format. That’s it. You have just made a Lucidchart diagram.

Export Project

Part 4. FAQs About Lucidchart

Can I use Lucidchart projects on Microsoft Visio?

Yes. You can export your Lucidchart projects to Visio without altering the map.

Can I open Visio files on Lucidchart?

Yes. Lucidchart allows users to import Visio projects allowing you to enhance your map or diagram further.

Does Lucidchart have an offline version?

Unfortunately, Lucidchart does not have a desktop app. However, you can get a Lucidchart download using the mobile apps to work on diagrams at your fingertips.


If you seek to improve your productivity and spark bright ideas from various perceptions, Lucidchart may help with that. Furthermore, we introduced how it is helpful, its benefits, advantages, and pricing you may need to learn about. In short, you will gain much from this diagramming tool. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Lucidchart free alternative, MindOnMap is definitely considered. You can swiftly start from templates when generating diagrams, and they are highly customizable using the customization features offered by the online program.

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