Edraw MindMaster: A Full and Unbiased Review Worth Seeing

Jade MoralesNov 18, 2022Review

Our mind is one of the most critical parts of a human being. God has made it easier for people to decide and create things out of thoughts or what we call brainstorming. Innovatively, brainstorming has been essential in creating a mind map that illustrates the formed ideas. MindMaster is for mind mapping, and it is one among the others that offers helpful stencils to present an accurate and significant concept. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried using this mind mapping software yet and wish to acquire it, you should see this comprehensive review we prepared for you.

MindMaster Review
Jade Morales

As one main writer of MindOnMap's editorial team, I always provide real and verified information in my posts. Here are what I usually do before writing:

  • After selecting the topic about reviewing MindMaster, I always do a lot of research on Google and in forums to list the program that users care about the most.
  • Then I use MindMaster and subscribe to it. And then I spend hours or even days testing it from its main features to analyze it based on my experience.
  • As to the review blog of MindMaster I test it from even more aspects, ensuring the review to be accurate and comprehensive.
  • Also, I look through users' comments on MindMaster to make my review more objective.

Part 1. MindMaster’s Best Alternative: MindOnMap

Before reaching the comprehensive review, we would like to present to you the MindOnMap. It is an online mind mapping software that freely offers incredible solution tools for creating persuasive and valuable mind maps, as well as flow charts, diagrams, and other collaborative illustrations. MindOnMap is one of MindMaster’s alternatives that has already proven its unrivaled procedure and stencils that you can use for free. Its intuitive interface makes it even more remarkable, which will only take a minute to master. Yes, it is user-friendly and is not demanding at all.

Similar to MindMaster, MindOnMap contains multiple selections of themes, layouts, backgrounds, styles, and exportation formats. And one of the dissimilarities between the two is that in MindOnMap, you can use all of what it offers without spending any dime. At the same time, MindMaster will require you to upgrade to its premium plans before you can unlimitedly use it.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

The Mind On Map Pic

Part 2. Edraw MindMaster Review

Edraw MindMaster is a cross-platform, cloud-based mind mapping software. It helps the individual or team users create visual illustrations of the captured and shared ideas. MindMaster, just like MindOnMap, is an OS-agnostic. This means it enables users to access the map projects with their Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android web browsers. Moving forward, MindMaster comes with a user-friendly interface, which is a significant factor that a mind mapping tool should have since not all users have experienced it already. In addition, it is infused with an advanced collaboration engine and powerful features, including automatic layout styles, advanced presentation modes, Gantt view, and built-in resources.

Key Features

MindMaster templates

This mind mapping software comes with abundant templates that you can choose from. It has a significant size of the library where its templates are located. You can select the right one for your business project, brainstorm, and others.


Cloud Collaboration

The cloud collaboration feature is one of the sought-after features of mind mapping tools, and Mindmaster did not fail to provide it. It allows users to store their map files in the cloud storage, which other team members can easily access.

Advanced Presentation Modes

One of the exciting features of this mind mapping program is its presentation mode. Here, the tool helps users create presentations with just a single click. The tool will automatically transform your map into a slideshow-like presentation by just clicking the presentation mode. Fortunately, this feature is also accessible in the MindMaster mind mapping software.

Gantt View

Another gripping feature of the program is its Gantt chart mode. Here, users can make and monitor the task they need to accomplish on time. This feature, like collaboration, is also appreciated by users working on a team.

Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that our team found while using the mind mapping software. Rest assured that we only include experience, as well as the other users that we know.


  • Its interface is quite intuitive.
  • It provides multiple modes for your mind mapping needs.
  • It is a program that will unleash your creativity.
  • Professionals and beginners can smoothly use this program.
  • Users can use MindMaster on mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile devices.
  • It comes with endless customization.


  • The free version lacks exporting options.
  • The callout marks are not enough for other users.
  • The paid plans are pretty expensive.
  • The web version is more comfortable to use than the software.


Edraw MindMaster comes with plans for individuals and for, teams & businesses. In this part, we will show you the pricing for each plan with their corresponding inclusions.

The Pricing Pic

Free Version

MindMaster comes with a free download and installation. However, this version only has limited features. If you are the type of user who is not after the key features mentioned previously, then this version will be enough to use.

Subscription Plan/Annual Plan

Now let’s proceed to MindMaster price. Here comes the first plan amounting to $59 for the individual user and $79 for teams per year per user. This plan gives full access to all the platforms, free upgrade, 1GB of cloud storage, and file recovery and backup.

Lifetime Plan/Perpetual Plan

Next comes this plan with the price of $145 for individuals and $129 for teams. It is a one-time payment plan with an upgraded number of previous plans' features.

Part 3. Quick Steps on How to Use MindMaster

In this part, you can decide to use the online or the software version.


Visit the official website and decide whether to click the Try Free online or Download for the desktop version.

Choose Version

Now launch the mind mapping tool. Suppose you chose the online version on the home page, click the New menu, and select a template for your mind map. Then, to proceed, log in using your email account.

Select Templates

This time, upon reaching the main canvas, you can begin working with your mind map. Navigate the Menu bar, which is also located on the screen's right side. Also, if you want to save or export the mind map, hit the Icons above the menu.

Pic Save

Part 4. FAQs about MindMaster

Is MindMaster the same as EdrawMind?

Yes. MindMaster is also known as EdrawMind. Its name has also been innovated as the tool is upgraded.

Is MindMaster safe to download?

Yes. MindMaster is safe and quick to install. It was developed and labeled as one of the safest software to install since it is free of viruses. However, if you don’t trust this claim enough, you would always double-check via antivirus software.

Which is better, Mindmaster or XMind?

MindMaster vs. XMind. XMind has more features than the MindMaster. However, this won’t tell which is better because it all depends on the user’s needs and preferences. Both have their own advantages to offer. Hence, it is best to try and check both of them.


There you have it, the complete and unbiased review of MindMaster. You probably know by now if the program is suitable for you or not. Hence, if you are not that impressed with it, you can still have MindOnMap as it is the best alternative.

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