How to Draw a Knowledge Map Using the Three Accessible and Remarkable Ways

A knowledge map is an illustration of an organization’s valuable asset. It also shows pieces of knowledge rather than a piece of information within a map. On that note, knowledge maps are essential in a performing business since they illustrate a project’s success and failure rate possibilities. On the other hand, creating a knowledge map can also be done by people who are not in the business and level up their management ability by transferring personal knowledge information through an illustration. Therefore, if you have the exact reason for wanting to know how to create a knowledge map, then you’ve got into the right place. This article will promote this task’s two notable offline and one online map maker that will amaze you.

Create A Knowledge Map

Part 1. How to Draw a Knowledge Map with the Best Online Map Maker

Let’s start this essential comprehension by meeting the best mind mapping tool online, the MindOnMap. It is a free mind mapping tool with everything it takes to be tagged as the best. Why? Because in addition to being a completely free tool, its response on how to draw a knowledge map for it is also infused with dedicated cloud storage and stencils that best suit the requirement of creating a knowledge map. MindOnMap lets its users freely decide on the templates and themes that they want for their map. Regarding the element to apply on the map, this fantastic tool enables the users to choose among hundreds of shapes, arrows, icons, styles, and more.

On top of that, this free-of-charge and ads mind mapping tool lets you share your knowledge map with your friends for real-time collaboration. So, you don’t need to make time to email or even print your map just to show it to your friends. Thus, to experience this notable online map maker, you must see the guidelines below.

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How to Do Knowledge Mapping with MindOnMap


On your browser, visit the official website of MindOnMap. From there, hit the Create Your Mind Map tab and sign up using your email account.

Mind Create Selection

Once you reach the inside page, go to the My Mind Map option and click the New tab. Then, pick among the choices of templates on the right.

Mind Pick Template

Now, you can get started by putting on the information on the map template you chose. As you see, we chose a themed template containing the shortcut keys. Follow them for you to expand the map as needed. Also, you can access the hotkeys icon for the other functions you can do.

Mind Hotkeys Section

This time, you can access the stencil menu on the right if you want to enhance the look of your knowledge map. Then, to add links, comments, and images, hover over the Insert section located at the interface's top center.

Mind Menu Insert Sections

Lastly, you can already Share or Export your knowledge map by clicking the icon of your desired action.

Mind Share Export

Part 2. How to Build a Knowledge Map Offline

Now we will endorse powerful software that you can use offline. Hence, you will need to obtain them on your computer device to effectively perform the following instructions for using them in knowledge mapping.

1. Build a Knowledge Map on PowerPoint

PowerPoint is surprisingly one of the programs that will enable you to construct a witty knowledge map. This popular presentation program, if Microsoft, has built-in illustrations that are helpful for this task. Along with them is the SmartArt feature that holds a number of different templates for various graphical categories. Meanwhile, as you lavish on the PowerPoint presentation function, expand its operations in making illustrations such as the knowledge map. How? Follow the steps below.

How to Do Knowledge Mapping in PowerPoint


Open a new slide on PowerPoint and clear the page by deleting the default text box. Then, go to the Insert tab and click to open the SmartArt option. Now choose one among the SmartArt templates, and hit the OK tab to bring the template to the slide.

Power Smart Art Temp

You can now begin to operate the knowledge map by putting on text or image information on it. Then, add hues to it by navigating the design options on the ribbon section.

Power Smart Art Design

Lastly, save the diagram by hitting the File tab click the Save As dialog. Then, choose a destination folder for the file.

Power Smart Art Save

2. Try the Offline Version of is mapping software that you can navigate offline. It is an app purposely made for creating flowcharts and diagrams, as shown in its interface. Furthermore, users can relish this software for free while experiencing smooth navigation when designing their illustrations. However, limits its mapping process, for it lacks advanced settings when being used offline. But still, if you are looking for a fully packed offline tool for knowledge map making, comes on top.

How to Draw a Knowledge Map in


Launch software and commence by choosing shapes from the options on the right. Click on your chosen element, then align it on the canvas as you wish.

Draw Knowledge Map

This time, let’s choose a design for the knowledge map. Click the format panel, which is the center of the three icons on the top right corner of the interface. Go to the Style section, then choose a theme to apply to the map.

Draw Knowledge Map Theme

After that, you can now save or export the map by hitting the File menu. Choose the action you want to execute from the list of options, then proceed with saving the map.

Draw Knowledge Map Save

Part 3. FAQs on Creating Knowledge Map

How to draw a knowledge map in Word?

Making a knowledge map in Word is similar to the procedure of making a knowledge map in PowerPoint since both use the SmartArt feature for it.

Are there components of a knowledge map?

Yes. The components of the knowledge map are the application, structures, knowledge sources, development, and assets.

What is a procedural knowledge map?

A procedural map is a type of knowledge map that depicts a particular matter's process. It is one of the three types of a knowledge map, including the competency and conceptual knowledge maps.


To conclude, you now have remarkable solutions to your query on how to create a knowledge map. Struggle no more, for the guidelines here are simplified. PowerPoint and have shown majestic methods, too, for they can help make diagrams offline. But if you want a much more simplified tool without a compromised quality and capability, then go for MindOnMap, the simple yet powerful mind mapping tool online.

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