Effortless Methods on How to Create An Empathy Map

Do you wish to master how to create an Empathy map? As a professional, learning deeper about your user or clients is essential. You have to understand and prioritize what they want and need. In that case, empathy mapping is necessary.

To understand more about this discussion, which is about the practical ways how to do an empathy map, read this article.

How to Create Empathy Map

Part 1: Create an Empathy Map Online

MindonMap is the best application you can use if you are going to do mind mapping or draw your ideas online. In addition, this mind map designer can help you make your mind mapping process more professional, quicker, and more manageable. Moreover, this application can offer you numerous templates that will be useful for you. Furthermore, through MindOnMap, you can create a work/life plan, speech or article outline, travel guide, and more.

Creating an Empathy Map is really necessary, especially if you want to know more about the desires of your client/user. Moreover, an empathy map is a user-centered design, making it the best and most reliable tool for the designing process. Follow these simple steps to learn about creating an empathy map online.

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Free Download

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Go to the website of MindOnMap. Click the Create Your Mind Map button, then create your account.

Create Your Mind Map

If you are already done creating your account, open your MindOnMap. Click the My Flow Chart button and select New to create your map.

My Flow Chart

Then, you can make an empathy map. Select the General Button on the left side of your screen. To create, you can use the shapes like boxes and circles. Make a large box, divide it into four quadrants (says, thinks, does, feels), and put a circle in the middle (user/client).

Quadrants Large Box

Based on the given example, you need to put on the quadrants about the behaviors or attitudes of your user or the needs and wants. This way, you can get what they want on a particular product. It will also give you an idea of what must be improved in your group.

Says Thinks Does Feels

Says quadrant contains the direct quotes of the user that were collected during the research phase.

Thinks quadrant focuses more on the users' thoughts and doesn’t want to say it out loud.

Does quadrant is about what the user physically does.

Feels quadrant is about the user’s emotional state. It’s about what they feel while experiencing the product.


If you are done making your Empathy Map, click the Save button to save your map on your MindOnMap account. You can also pick the Export button to save it to your computer.

Save Export

Part 2: Other 2 Popular Ways to Create an Empathy Map

1. Using Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is another excellent Software you can use to create an empathy map. This application can help you straightforwardly create your empathy map. You can use this application offline. This application is the best tool you can use to create a flow chart, organizational chart, formal letters, and more. However, to enjoy more of the features of this software, you have to purchase it, which is expensive.

Follow the steps below if you like to learn about creating your empathy map on Microsoft Word.


Launch the application and click the blank document button if you already have Microsoft Word on your computer.

Blank Document

Click the Insert tab > Shapes. Then, make a big square subdivided into four quadrants (Says, Think, Does, and Feels), and put a circle in the middle for the user persona.

Insert Shape

After creating the four quadrants, put the behaviors, attitudes, needs, and wants of your user and clients. In this way, you can organize your empathy map.

Organize Map

For your last step, If you are done creating your empathy map, click the Save icon to save your final output on your computer.

Save MS Word

2. Using Miro

If you are looking for another application that you can use to create an empathy map with templates online, then you can use Miro. It is an application you can use to create your empathy map. In addition, this application helps you create designs, notes, different charts, and more. Furthermore, you can use this if you want to brainstorm with your groups when discussing something important. However, Miro is unsuitable for beginners in creating an empathy map. Also, it is hard to use and has a complicated tool. It also has different options and tools, which is confusing to others. If you’re interested in creating an empathy map, follow these simple steps below.


Go to the website of Miro. Click the Sign up for Free button. You can use your email account to sign up for this application.

Sign Up

If you are already on the Miro home page, click the New Board > Create Team Board button to make your empathy map.

New Board

You can now create your empathy map by using shapes like boxes and circles. Make a large box subdivided into four and put the Says, Thinks, Does, and Feels on each box. Also, put a circle in the middle that represents your user.

Box and Circle

If you are done creating your empathy map, click the Save icon. You can save your empathy map as an image and a pdf file.

Save Icon

Part 3: Tips on Creating an Empathy Map

Creating a practical Empathy Map is essential. You can understand your user and easily observe what they like and what things they are interested in. For example, you are a businessman and want to sell some products. Then, it is important to make an Empathy Map to know what your target users like and their desires.

The good tips below will guide you on how to make an empathy map.

Know your purpose in empathy mapping

You should know why you are making an empathy map. This phase is vital to have an excellent final output.

Gather a data

The best empathy map was created from the actual data. If you want to gather data, you can do some interviews with the users, do a survey, or look for other related studies.

Do it with your team

It is more effective if you make an empathy map with your team. Doing it alone is possible, but having a team is better.

Make a context

You must know who is the subject of your empathy map, what they do, what they like, and what their goal is. In this way, you can understand your users.

Convince your team to speak their thoughts

It is important to brainstorm with the team so the whole team can have many ideas on what to do with empathy mapping.

Make your empathy map a poster

If you are done creating your empathy map, you can turn it into a poster to constantly remind you of your users’ interests.

Part 4: FAQs about Creating an Empathy Map

How many empathy maps do I need to create?

It is more recommended to create an empathy map for each user than by group so that you can understand each of your users and understand them deeper.

What is the importance of Empathy Mapping?

Empathy Mapping helps you to focus more on your user and builds empathy towards them. Also, you can get their interest.

What is Empathy Mapping?

An Empathy Map is a good and valuable tool to gain more profound ideas about your clients, customers, or users.


Empathy Map is the best tool you can use to understand your user. There are many applications you can use to create an empathy map. Also, this article provides you with some good tips on how to make your map. Lastly, if you want to make your map in an organized way, you can use MindOnMap.

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