Know What Are Idea Maps and Learn How to Create Idea Maps

Perhaps you have a topic that you need to discuss. The traditional taking down notes on paper is quite a process. And sometimes, when you use the traditional taking down notes, you will be misled into other ideas. So, Idea Maps are there to help you. If you want to represent your thinking process visually, then Idea Maps are the best tools to help you organize your thoughts efficiently. And in this guide post, we will help you learn more about Idea Maps and the templates and applications you can use to make an Idea Map.

Idea Map

Part 1. Idea Map Definition

Idea Map is a simple and keen tool that helps individuals to improve their productivity, clarify thinking, save time, and enhance learning methods. Idea maps are usually colorful that visually capture ideas in an indeterminate format. It enhances memory, note-taking skills, thought organization, planning, creativity, and communication. Moreover, idea maps use keywords, lines, colors, and images to connect your thoughts associatively. With idea maps, people can increase their ability to plan, communicate, remember, innovate competently, and organize their thoughts and ideas. It will also help people and organizations to accomplish things faster than their usual state.

Using idea maps, you can generally see the process and flow of ideas you generate while creating. It helps you to see, think, and understand the whole process more efficiently. Now that you know all the necessary information about what idea map is, we can proceed on what idea map templates you can use.

Part 2. Idea Map Templates

If you do not know how to start an idea map, you can refer to these templates we will present. You can use these templates based on your needs or circumstances. So, read this part comprehensively to learn the best idea map templates you can use for creating powerful idea maps.

1. Content Marketing Idea Map Template

If you are a content maker and you want to create plans for your next project or video, then you can use this idea map template. This template is for creating a successful content marketing template based on content marketing. Here is an example content marketing idea map template that you can follow.

Content Making Template

2. Job Interview Idea Map Template

Here is a sample idea map template if you want to have an idea or plan for your job interview. You can also use this idea map template to have an overview of your preparation for a job interview. You can set this template as an example if you like to have a job interview idea map.

Job Interview Idea

3. Risk Management Idea Map Template

Another idea map template you can use is the risk management idea map template. You can use this template if you want to identify and evaluate the asset risks of your business. Therefore, if you want to monitor the negative factor of their business, refer to this template.

Risk Management Map

4. Computer Science Project Mind Map Template

If you are a student and you have an awesome computer science project, this is the idea map template. If you want an organized idea about your science project, use this template as your reference. In addition, you can always modify this template and put the topics or ideas you want.

Computer Science Template

Part 3. Idea Map Generator

“Is there an application where I can make my idea map?” The answer is yes if you are among the users searching for this. There are many applications that can help you create your amazing idea map. And below, we listed the most outstanding idea map generators you can use for creating idea maps.

1. MindOnMap

MindOnMap is among the leading mind map makers you can find online. It does not just create mind maps; with this software, you can also make great idea maps that you can share with others. Additionally, this online application has ready-made templates to create idea maps. You can also add icons, stickers, and images on your idea map if you want to. And it also has a note-taking feature where you can take real-time notes during class or review.

Furthermore, you can export your idea map in a different format, like PNG, JPG, SVG, Word, and PDF. You also do not need to worry about the safety of this application because it is safe to use and free. Therefore, if you want to use the best idea mapping software, click the link now.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Mind On Map Idea Map


  • It is a beginner-friendly tool.
  • It has multiple mind map templates.
  • You can insert pictures and links.
  • Accessible on all web browsers.


  • It is an internet-dependent tool.

2. Venngage Mind Map Maker

Another fantastic idea map maker is Venngage Mind Map Maker. You can also access this tool online and for free. Venngage Mind Map Maker has tons of mind map templates stored on its library, which you can also use for free. Although free to use, you still need to purchase the premium plan to unlock other features.

Venngage Mind Map


  • It contains many mind-mapping templates.
  • It is a user-friendly application.
  • You can collaborate with your team while using this tool.


  • You need to avail of its plans to unlock other features.
  • It has many limitations.

3. Canva

When making fantastic slide presentations, you probably might hear about Canva. Canva is not just a graphic designing tool; it can also make powerful idea maps. With Canva, you can easily make idea maps with ready-to-made templates that you can use. Moreover, with this idea map maker, you can create mind maps, concept maps, and brainstorming maps.

Idea Map Canva


  • It has many editing tools you can use.
  • It contains ready-made templates.


  • You need to purchase the Pro version to use other idea map templates.
Features MindOnMap Vennage Mind Map Maker Canva
Free to use Yes Yes No
Has ready-made templates Yes Yes Yes
Easy to use Yes No No

Part 4. How to Make an Idea Map

Since MindOnMap is the leading idea map maker online, we will use this application to create an idea map.


To begin, open your browser and search for MindOnMap in the search box. You can click this link to go directly to their main page.


And then, click the Create Your Mind Map button to create your idea map.

Create Idea Map

Next, click the New button and select the MindMap option to create an idea map.

New Mind Map

And then, double-click the Main Node to input the main topic or idea you want to tackle. Press the Tab on your keyboard to add branches.

Sample Idea Map

Once you are done creating your idea map, you can export your project. Click the Export button and select the format that you want for your idea map.

Export Select Format

Part 5. FAQs about What is Idea Map

What is the difference between idea mapping and brainstorming?

Brainstorming is a way to generate more ideas in a short period. In contrast, idea mapping is a method or technique used to organize thoughts and visually show the parts' relations.

Can I make an idea map in Word?

Yes. With Microsoft Word, you can make idea maps using SmartArt graphics or basic shapes.

Is the idea map an organizer?

Yes. Idea maps can take the form of graphic organizers, charts, tables, flowcharts, or Venn Diagrams.


Now that you know an idea map, we hope you fully understand the importance of using this graphic organizer. So, if you desire to create your own idea map, follow the steps above and use MindOnMap.

Make Mind Map

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