10 Mind Map Ideas and Examples for Beginners and Young Professionals to Use

It is great to have personal mind map examples, especially for those people who want to work independently. However, isn’t it great to sometimes consider other ideas? After all, no man is an island, as the saying goes. The human brain creates a lot of ideas, and each person comes up with a different yet sensible one. For this reason, brainstorming makes sense, and so does mind mapping. Mind maps are essential nowadays, mainly with the orderly people or the strategists, who love planning graphically ahead of time.

Everyone must agree that drawing out ideas is much more effective in memorizing than writing them in sentences since our brain captures pictures more than letters. Therefore, let’s make the best of mind mapping by using different yet creative mind maps ideas according to your subject. To help you on this matter, we have listed the top 10 ideas and samples for you to try.

Mind Map Examples

Part 1. Top 10 Mind Map Ideas with Sample Templates

The listed top 10 mind map ideas below are in random order.

1. Art Mind Map

Making a map for your art creation will help you in so many things, such as illustrating your ideas, boosting your creativity, identifying the purpose, boosting your confidence, and more. Through this art mind map example, you will get an idea of how you will make your simple thoughts into a beautiful masterpiece. Although this method is perfect for those who draw by hand, you can also make a creative art mind map by using a tech gadget to manifest your thoughts, just like the sample below.

Mind Map Sample Art

2. Personal Mind Map

Believe it or not, you can also set your personal growth via mind mapping. Furthermore, this method is also suitable to avoid things and promote peace to yourself. Everyone makes a new year’s resolution, which most of the time, others fail to achieve due to lack of a plan, and others tend to forget what they wrote months ago. Therefore, let’s all see the example of mind mapping in personal development below and start making maps for your development.

Mind Map Sample Personal

3. Leadership Mind Map

With great power comes great responsibility, says Spiderman, but how to acquire good leadership to maintain your power? Make your plans and decisions firm. All leaders have one thing in common, and that is the willingness to serve their members. In addition, a good leader knows how to plan even in sudden and unexpected circumstances. For this reason, true leaders have come into mind mapping, where their agenda is presented as well as their perspective, plans, and solutions. Therefore, if you are an aspiring leader, learn how to be one using this leadership mind map example below.

Mins Map Sample Leader

4. Essay Mind Map

Essay writing may be a simple task for many but definitely not for others. Because of this reason, many students are really exerting an extra mile just to produce a quality one. In addition, a writer needs to consider and learn a lot of things about the subject for you to be able to write comprehensively about it. This is why today, mind mapping serves as a huge support for the students to come up with a beautiful essay through the collaboration of ideas about the topic made through graphs. And so we are giving you a mind map essay example below.

Mind Map Sample Essay

5. Speech Mind Map

Memorizing a speech has never been easy with the help of a mind map. How? Using this method, you can untangle your jumble ideas and put them in order while still preparing. Definitely, all the butterflies in your stomach when you know you will face the crowd to speak, that is why you need to be prepared enough and see to it that you memorize your speech prior to the event. Based on studies, human attention span can only last up to 12 seconds, which is why the speaker needs to have attention-getters every now and then, to make the speech interesting to the listeners. For this reason, we prepared a sample mind map for parts of a speech with sample attention-getters to help you.

Mind Map Sample Speech

6. Project Management Mind Map

The mind map is also ideal in managing a project successfully. Furthermore, it helps you check improvements easily just by looking at the update on your checklist graph. Basically, the mind map method in project management will technically break the size of the project into smaller sections that will help divide inspections. And doing so will help you gain a successful project result on time.

Hence, as a project manager, you need to be ready for a possible collapse. That is why we always advise you to have room for mistakes. Anyways, the image below is a mind map example of project management that you can refer to for your next job.

Mind Map Sample Project Management

7. Food Mind Map

Food is one and probably the most crucial necessity of humankind. Hence, in this new era, there is a lot of food offered on the market that is not beneficial to our bodies at all. Yes, most of them, such as cakes, fries, burgers, sodas, give comfort, but not the nutrients that we really need. Instead, they ruin our health gradually, which obviously everyone knows but couldn’t let go of. Therefore, making a food mind map will help you to maintain the nourishing food while enjoying the junk food in moderation. Therefore, see and try to follow the food mind map example below.

Mind Map Sample Food

8. Time Management Mind Map

Time management could have never been more comprehensive without a mind map. Furthermore, a specific timeline for your task will definitely enable you to succeed in your goals. Even for your simple daily task, make it a habit to make a plan within the corresponding graph, and you will see how well you will make your job done right. Moreover, this kind of strategy can also be a great way to know how well you spend your time, organize, and set your priorities well on the given schedule. Therefore, start managing your time as we give an example of mind mapping on time management below.

Mind Map Sample Time Management

9. Health Mind Map

On the one hand, we do the health mind map to determine how we will help our body get rid of things that can worsen our health condition. On the other hand, through this map, we can also choose the things that could help us maintain a robust body by following the specific graphs based on our food and medicine intake. The good thing about this is that we could share our health map with our loved ones for them to follow, in accordance to achieving a graceful and strong body like ours.

Hence, people can still get your doctor’s opinion about this, more importantly for comorbidities. Otherwise, get yourself a try and see how the health mind map example helps you daily.

Mind Map Sample Health

10. Travel Plan Mind Map

Are you looking forward to your travels this year? Plan now using a min map. Many have traveled without a mind map, and later did they realize that they weren’t able to have a brimful exploration due to not meeting what they once had in their minds. Therefore, before it happens to you, move, and make your own map now. After all, traveling is a privilege we give ourselves to enjoy and explore the sceneries that we have never seen before.

Hence, in creating your travel plan, you have to include everything related to the trip, from your accommodation, activities, food trips, transportation, destinations, and even your repatriation. To show you exactly, see the example of a simple mind map travel plan below.

Mind Map Sample Travel

Part 2. How to Mind Map Creatively

This time we will show you the creative way of making your mind maps using our very own MindOnMap. This online mind mapping tool will give you the baseline on how to be as creative as a professional when it comes to creating different maps according to your preference. Besides, this tool offers various themes, templates, icons, and many other tools that could help you produce one of a kind map.

Moreover, the MindOnMap can be used in different scenarios such as making travel guides, life plans, relationship maps, speech outlines, managing a project, and so much more. Create your mind map ideas in easy steps such as below!

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download


Visit the Website

Open your browser and visit the official website of MindOnMap. You may log in using your email account on the main page, and then you are ready to go. Click the Create Your Mind Map tab to start.

Select Create Online Button

Choose a Template

On the next window, hit the New tab for you to be able to choose a template or a theme that you want to use for your map.

Mind Map Sample Temp

Start Working on The Map

Once you choose a theme or a template, you will be directed to the main interface, where you can start working freely. First, label your central node based on your topic, and determine the sub-nodes after. Here let’s make another food mind map example.

Mind Map Sample Edit


You can use shortcuts when navigating this tool. You can click Space on your keyboard to edit the node, Enter to insert node, Tab to add sub-nodes, and Del to delete the node.


Be Creative

This time you can show how creative you are by adding images, colors to your map. To add or change the color, go to the Theme and choose a color for your background. To change the nodes’ color, go to Style and choose according to your style. To add a picture, click the specific node, and hit the Image that will enable you to upload a photo that suits your topic.

Mind Map Sample Add

Save Your Map

To save your mind map example, you must click the Export button to get a copy via download. Hence prior to exporting, you may want to name your map by editing it on the left upper corner of the main interface that says Untitled.

Mind Map Sample Save

Part 3. Questions Frequently Asked about Mind Mapping

What are the important parts of the mind map?

The mind map must have the Central topic, which is your main topic, subtopics that are all related to your central topic, lines, colors, images, and keywords.

How does the mind map help memorize?

The mind map contains photos, keywords, and colors. The human brain can retain pictures more than words, so our brains can easily capture a map full of images and colors for memory.

Is it possible to make mind map examples for Math?

Yes! Mind maps are also helpful in Mathematics, especially in memorizing solutions to solve a problem.


There you have it, friends, the ten best mind mapping samples. Learn how to do them or, better yet, make your own by taking them as your sample. It takes two to tango so, having a companion like this article will help you create more ideas. Thus, use the MindOnMap to work as an artist!

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