Venn Diagram - Definition, Symbols, and How to Create

You often see Venn diagrams in presentations, especially in schools and offices. Venn diagrams are essential nowadays, showing relations between two things or topics. However, some people need to learn more about Venn diagrams, and it causes them a hard time when they need to make one. Since they are essential, we listed all the necessary pieces of information that you need about Venn diagrams. Therefore, read this guidepost to learn more about the descriptions, purpose, symbols, and how to make a Venn diagram easily with the most fantastic Venn diagram maker.

Venn Diagram

Part 1. Recommendation: Online Diagram Maker

There are only a few applications where you can easily and freely draw a Venn diagram. Some diagram makers are not free to use, and some do not have an easy-to-use interface. Fortunately, we found an online diagram maker that is suited for you if you are searching for a free application to create a Venn diagram.

MindOnMap is the best online diagram maker where you can make your own Venn diagram easily. It was initially a mind map maker, but it contains many features to create diagrams, like Venn diagrams. With the Flowchart option, you can make your Venn diagram as unique as possible. Moreover, this diagram designer will make your Venn diagram process easier, quicker, and more professional. It also contains unique icons that can add flavor and beauty to the Venn diagram you are making.

Furthermore, MindOnMap is a secure software which means you do not need to fret about its safety. Also, it has ready-made templates that you can use for creating your diagrams. Plus, it is accessible on all known web browsers, like Google, Firefox, and Safari. You can also export your output in various formats, such as PNG, JPG, SVG, Word document, or PDF. Fantastic, right? Click the link above to use this tool to create a Venn diagram.

Free Download

Secure Download

Free Download

Secure Download

Part 2. What is a Venn Diagram

Are you among the people who ask what a Venn diagram is? A Venn diagram is a graphic that uses two or three circle shapes to present relations between two topics or ideas. This tool is used mainly to visually represent the similarities and differences between two main topics so that gaining knowledge about the two topics would be easier. Additionally, a Venn diagram consists of two or three circles. The circles that overlap share commonality, while the circles that do not overlay do not share the same traits or characteristics.

Also, nowadays, Venn diagrams are used as illustrations in business and many academic fields. Usually, you will see diagrams with two or three circles. But did you know you can also create a four-circle Venn diagram?

A 4 circle Venn diagram is a visual representation that you can use to show or illustrate four different topics or groups. It will show the concepts related to each other. The four circles you can see on it represent the four different topics or groups, and the overlapping areas between the circles are the points that are related to each other.

Four Circle Diagram

Now that you know what a Venn diagram is, we will show you the symbols you may encounter when you see a Venn diagram or when you try to make one. Read the next part to know the symbols needed on a Venn diagram.

Part 3. Symbols for Venn Diagram

Since we are not talking about the Venn diagrams from your grade schools, we will show you the symbols that you may encounter when reading or creating a Venn diagram. Although there are more than thirty Venn diagram symbols that a Venn diagram can have, we will only present the three most used Venn diagram symbols. And in this part, we will show and explain them to you.

Venn Diagram Symbol

- This symbol represents the Union of two sets. For example, A B is read as A union B. The elements either belong to set A or set B, or both of the sets.

- This symbol is the Intersection symbol. A ∩ B is read as A intersection B. The elements both belong to set A and set B.

AC or A' - This symbol is known as the complement symbol. A’ is read as A complement. The elements that do not belong to set A.

These are the most important symbols you need to know when making a Venn diagram. The symbols for Venn diagrams are not hard to understand; you just need to know when they are used.

Part 4. How to Make a Venn Diagram

Now that you know what a Venn diagram is and what symbols you need to know, we will now show you how to make a simple Venn diagram. With the online diagram maker that we have shown, you can easily make a Venn diagram without paying or purchasing an application. Also, since it is an online application, you don't need to download anything on your device. Without further ado, here are the easy steps to create a Venn diagram.


First, open your browser and search for MindOnMap in your search box. You can also access the application by clicking the provided link. Although MindOnMap is free to use, you need to sign in for your account so that the projects that you create will be saved.


After signing in for an account, click the Create Your Mind Map button on the first interface, then proceed to the next step.

Create Venn Diagram

Next, click New, and you will see the diagram options you can choose. Select the Flowchart option to create your Venn diagram.

New Flowchart Option

And then you will be in a new interface. On the left side of your screen, you will see the shapes and symbols you can use. Select the circle shape and draw it on the blank page. Copy and paste the circle so it will be the same size as the first circle.

Two Circles

Remove the fill of the circles so that they will overlap with each other. Select the shape, then click the Fill Color icon above the software’s interface. Select the None color to remove the fill and click Apply. Do the same thing with the other circle.

Fill Color

To put text on your Venn diagram, select the Text icon on the shapes and type the topics you want.

Add Text

Once you are done making your Venn diagram, you can share the link with your friend. To do this, hit the Share button and click Copy Link to copy the link on your clipboard. Then you can share the link with your friends.

Copy Link Venn Diagram

But if you want to export your output or save it on your device, click the Export button at the upper right corner of the interface. Then, choose the file format that you want to have. And that’s it! As simple as that, you can create your Venn diagram professionally. Besides, you also can make a venn diagram in Excel.

Export Your File

Part 5. Venn Diagram Alternatives

The Venn diagram is indeed the best tool to compare and contrast two main topics or ideas. But since Venn diagrams are very common, some people prefer using other tools for comparing and contrasting. Therefore, we search for the best Venn diagram alternatives that you can use as an option.

1. Everybody and Nobody

Everybody and Nobody is a strategic plan that shows that similarities and differences are obvious and some are not. It has a built-in differentiation, and it lets people think of the similarities and differences of a thing or person that nobody would think of. Moreover, it is a great tool for students because higher students can enjoy the challenge of finding the unique similarity and differences of a certain idea or person. The image below is an example of Everybody and Nobody.

Everybody and Nobody

2. The Differences Within

This strategy is not new to anyone. It accepts the fact that two topics or ideas will have similarities on one level, but within the similarity, there are differences. And identifying those similarities is important because it builds up the framework that needs to be discovered deeply. In addition, you can use this strategy to compare and contrast the observations that you or your team have. Here is an example of how the Differences Within strategy is used.

The Difference Within

3. T-chart

T-charts are the most versatile tool to compare and contrast ideas. By using this chart, you do not need a form. Usually, T-charts have three columns, the left and the right are the two topics, and the middle column is to identify the feature on which the rows focus. Furthermore, you can use it to compare informational topics, stories, elements, characters, and even settings. Many students use this tool because it is easy to do. Here is a sample of how to do a T-chart.

T Chart Sample

4. Matrix Chart

Another alternative to the Venn diagram is the Matrix Chart. Matrix charts are very helpful when you are comparing and contrasting numerous things. It looks like a spreadsheet that contains several rows, one for each topic to compare. It also contains several columns, one for each topic for each way you compare. Usually, professionals and students use this kind of strategy when comparing the features of three-dimensional shapes. Furthermore, it helps the user notice things they may have noticed before writing or drawing the chart. You can check the image below to become familiar with Matrix Chart.

Matrix Chart

Part 6. FAQs about What is Venn Diagram

What is the primary purpose of a Venn diagram?

Its main purpose is to illustrate or show the logical relationships between two, three, or more sets of topics and ideas. They are often used to organize things, showing their similarities and differences graphically.

What do you call a three-way Venn diagram?

A three-way Venn diagram is called the Spherical octahedron. It is a stereographic projection of a rectangular octahedron that makes a three-set Venn diagram.

How do you read a Venn diagram?

The most basic Venn diagram has two circles representing a group or an idea. The overlapping area represents the similarities or the combination of the two.


Your question about “what is the Venn diagram?” is answered in this article. All the pieces of information that you need about Venn diagrams are written here. Venn diagrams are not difficult to make. After reading this post, we assure you that you know how to make one. Therefore, if you want to create a Venn diagram on your computer, use MindOnMap now.

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