How to Create a Process Map with the Best Process Mapping Tools

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A process map is a visual representation of a workflow streamlining the business’ or organization’s process. It is a way of mapping the actions, activities, and steps breaking down the complex processes by drawing them into more straightforward diagrams. In other words, it makes the complicated processes easy to understand by visualizing through sketching.

You can write out this kind of diagram on paper. However, drawing a process map is much easier using process mapping tools. With the conventional method, the canvas where you draw diagrams is limited. Whereas with digital diagram makers, you can enjoy unlimited space on the canvas. Plus, advanced design and style tools are available. Here are some of the great tools you can utilize to create a process map.

Create a Process Map

Part 1. How to Create a Process Map Online

You should look no further than MindOnMap if you are looking for a tool that allows you to create a process map without installing it on your device. Yes, that is right. This program is accessible on a browser, so making and building diagrams is done on the web page directly. On top of that, it is a 100% free diagram creator with extensive functionalities. Aside from making process maps, you can use them for other diagrams like a fishbone, org-charts, mindmap, left map, treemap, etc.

Furthermore, you can export your maps into various formats, including JPG, SVG, and PNG. In addition, your process maps can be exported as a Word or PDF file. Meanwhile, if you have created different map versions, you can revert back to various versions of your map using the History feature of the app. To learn more about MindOnMap and how to make a process map, refer to the steps below.

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Free Download

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Visit the official web page

From your web browser, visit the MindOnMap official website. Just type in the program’s name on your browser's address bar. Then, you will reach the main page. Next, click the Create Your Mind Map to get to the template section.

Access Website App

Select a map theme or template

You can select a theme from the template page for the process you wish to create. After that, it will bring you to the editor page of the program. By then, you can start creating and editing your process map.

Template Section

Select object to use

On the editing panel, add nodes and select the object you will use from the style panel. Once the count of nodes is met, and the shapes are altered according to the process, you can insert text and style the process map. Arrange the objects according to your will.

Select Object

Download a copy of the process map

You can get a copy of your work. Click the Export button at the top right corner of the interface. Then, select a format according to your needs. Optionally, your friends can get a copy of your file by sharing the process map link. Just click Share, and you can access the link you can share with your friends and colleagues.

Export Option

Part 2. How to Create a Process Map Offline

The next tool you can use in creating a process map to visualize workflow is Visio. This tool belongs to the Microsoft Office line that offers various templates divided into categories. You can choose from templates for basic diagrams, business matrices, process steps, flowcharts, and many more. Aside from that, it can also help create vector graphics and other types of diagrams. Every element is highly customizable ranging from the font, shapes, etc.

Indeed, Visio comes in handy for simple and complex process maps and more diagram-related jobs. Follow the walkthrough beneath to learn how to write a process map using this program.


Download and install the Visio app

The first thing you got to do is to grab the program. Go to its official website and navigate to the download page. Next, get the installer of the program. Using the setup wizard, install the software and launch it right after.


Select Flowchart Template

Upon launching the app, click on the Flowchart Template option. Then, it will bring you to the program’s editor. Now, access the shape library and start choosing the figures and shapes you need to sketch your process map. Select and drag them into the editing canvas.

Select Template

Arrange the shapes

After selecting the needed shapes and figures for your diagram, layout the shapes according to your desired arrangement. Following that, fill in the color of the shapes and adjust the shapes as you like. This time, insert texts into your template by editing the label of each shape. Next, click Text Box at the upper portion of the interface. You can then type in the text that you like to insert.

Arrange Objects Shapes

Save your work

You can save your work by going to the File section. Click on the Save as an option and set a file location where you wish to store the finished file. You can follow the same procedure to learn how to do business process mapping using the Visio app.

Save Process Map

Part 3. FAQs on Creating a Process Map

Can I create a process map in Word?

Microsoft Word comes with flow chart shapes applicable for creating process maps. Therefore, it is possible to create process maps and other diagram-related tasks in Word.

What are the various kinds of process maps?

A process map comes in various types. Each type has its unique use suitable for every user’s goal. To name some, there is a high-level process map, a detailed process map, a value stream map, and so on and so forth.

What is a process map in business?

Process maps are beneficial for mapping out business processes. This diagram outlines the activities that occur from start to finish. Aside from teaching what takes place, it also determines the process's who, where, how, when, and why.


Mapping out the process or workflow of an organization can be pretty challenging to understand. Process maps are developed for this kind of need. This diagram visualizes the actions and output of a process in an organization. There is a clear breakdown of inputs and step-by-step procedures so that it is easy to be digested by every reader.
On the other hand, the content outlines the guidelines on how to create a process map for you to start mapping out the workflow of your business or organization. It will help you identify every action and input from the beginning to the end of the process. Meanwhile, you can choose between offline and online methods. Beyond Visio’s authoritative features, it is much more expensive than similar programs. Yet, if you wish to build a process map for free, you should pick MindOnMap, which is a free program.

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